Destination America Becoming a Significant Problem In TNA, Backstage Note on Taryn Terrell, More

TNA Wrestling

– Another significant problem within TNA right now is Destination America. The network is reportedly calling a lot of the shots in TNA these days with the idea that they are paying TNA and running so many hours of their programming.

Destination America officials reportedly do not like TNA Impact Wrestling being taped from the UK. They do not know the pro wrestling business at all but they didn’t like the idea of TV taped outside of America airing on their Destination America channel. Destination America may not have a problem with TNA running a yearly tour overseas but they have made it clear they want Impact taped in the US most of the time.

We noted before that Destination America officials wanted Kurt Angle to be the World Heavyweight Champion as they liked the idea of the champion on their network being an American gold medalist. They also are high on Taryn Terrell as Knockouts Champion because of her look.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter