Dolph Ziggler on Earning His WWE Spot, Filming a Movie at a WWE Live Event, John Cena and The Rock

Dolph Ziggler

– Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with to promote the release of WWE Studios’ “Countdown” movie. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

Filming at a WWE live event for the movie:

“I had a chance to go through the crowd in money drop scenes, but it was all filmed during a WWE live event. The fans were filing in the doors and there was filming in-between matches, it was really cool. For them to play the role in this movie plus all the WWE superstars making cameos makes it an extra fun, never-been-done before WWE movie.”

Having the chance to pick John Cena and The Rock’s brains:

“A lot of times John and I, when it comes to wrestling or sports entertainment, don’t always see eye to eye, but it’s also great to have someone whose been through that Attitude Era and we get to talk about his movies and getting better at wrestling. It’s very motivational because it’s all positive and they’ve been through it all. Those guys going through it is only good for all of us and just gives us a chance to get our foot in the door.”

Carving his own career in WWE:

“When you come into a business and hope that you can get any chance that there is to make it to the main roster and then you make it to the main roster as either a golf caddy or a cheerleader, it’s is a little disheartening. You know the hard work that went in, you know the 20 years of collegiate experience that you have of breaking records. You can show up like The Shield for two years and beat everybody up, talk about how great you are every single night and then the world knows you as the guys who win all the time and who are great at talking. You can come on as me, whether you’re a cheerleader or a caddy, and you get beat up all the time and lose every single night and you have to overcome that to be taken as a credible threat on our show. But it also drove me for years. It made me become that much better. Now I don’t need to be motivated, I already am motivated.”

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