Dolph Ziggler Talks About Making the Most of WWE Chances, The New Day Getting Over, More

Dolph Ziggler

– Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with Mike Jones of DC 101, as seen above. Below are highlights:

His comedic debut:

“The first time I ever did a show, we had just done Wrestlemania, it was a tag match. It was myself and Big E versus Team Hell No. I had the most fun, it was the easiest match to do, I had a blast, it was in front of 70,000 people. Three weeks later I did my first stand up set in front of 60 people in the back of a coffee house and I was shaking going up to the microphone. I kept saying “don’t forget the first sentence, don’t drop the mic.” And it so nervewracking and it still is, but it’s that excited nervewracking like “oh, this is gonna kill them!”

Making the most of WWE chances:

“I thought, give them a reason that they need you to be called up and I worked on every possible thing you have. I could wrestle Khali, I could wrestle Hornswaggle, I could tell a story with a broomstick if I have to and I have on several occassions. The broom is 2-0 versus me also.”

The New Day getting over:

“Those three guys are great guys and hardworking guys and they finally do have that clique to where you know what their deal is, you know what their message is, you have their different characters. But it’s hard to get that, it’s hard to get a minute of mic time, and they got it and they’ve killed it every time so I’m very happy for those guys.”

Having Elimination Chamber and Money In The Bank back to back:

“I was thrown a couple different cage doors, I was thrown up against the wall, onto the metal, and then comes the ladders. To get hit with ladders, to fall off of them, it’s a real test of whose body can hold up over a two week span, let alone I’m afraid of heights and I hate that stuff.”

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