Eddie Edwards Talks TNA and Anthem, Defending His Title at Total Nonstop Deletion, More

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TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards recently appeared on Interactive Wrestling Radio with host James Walsh to promote Total Nonstop Deletion, where he fill defend his title against Bobby Lashley in a Dome of Deletion match. The full interview can be heard here. Below are highlights sent to us by the show:

The Total Nonstop Deletion concept:

“I agree with you that it is going to open the eyes of the professional wrestling world. People are going to be watching this all over the world. You don’t want to be the guy who misses it. It is going to be very special and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. There are some really… unique (laughs) things that go down. Everytime the Hardy’s have done one of these, they take it a step further. This is going to be so entertaining, you will be speechless!”

Being the only ROH and TNA Triple Crown Champion:

“It is pretty awesome to be able to look at it and see what I’ve been able to accomplish. We all set goals for ourselves when you get into the pro wrestling business. We all want to be World Champion. In my career, I’ve always tried to pick goals, achieve it, and move on. First of all, get into Ring of Honor, win the Tag Titles, win the TV Title, win the World Title. I was able to accomplish that. I’ve done the same thing in TNA.. Me and Davey, same thing. Win the Tag Titles, win the X Division title, steal the show, and finally I was able to win the Heavyweight Title… Considering all the guys that have been in both companies. It is pretty amazing to put myself, to see my name in those record books. You can’t erase that.”

The TNA climate with all the changes backstage:

“You said tough times backstage… That’s not the case for us. The office stuff is the office stuff. There is nothing that I myself or any of the other boys or girls in the locker room can do about it. We have always had the same mentallity. We’ve always had the same goal. The talent in this locker room is out of this world, top notch. The product that is going on in the ring right now is top notch, top of the world. We’ve tried to put on the best show, the best product that we can and that has never wavered. As for what is going on behind the scenes, rumors are rumors. Sometimes even half-truths aren’t even half-truths, you know what I mean? We just have to go about our business and handle our stuff. The new year is coming up. It is a freshs tart for everyone but especially for TNA with the new ownership coming in. It is going to be starting fresh again and we’re just here to take it to the next level. We just want to prove that we are the best wrestling company in the world right now.”

The Broken Matt Hardy character:

“Amazing. Just amazing. The Hardy’s in general… Matt has reinvented himself time and time again. Not only to stay relevant but to stay on top of the professional wrestling world. Anywhere he goes, people are saying “Delete, Delete, Delete.” I’ve seen people who aren’t even wrestling fans and I’ve seen it pop up on random websites… I’m astonished and amazed by it. The Broken Brilliance. He really IS that! But, it is not just for himself. He wants professional wrestling to succeed. He wants TNA to succeed. I couldn’t find a more giving guy as far as wrestling him and just ideas. You can go and pick his brain, he’s always willing to give his thoughts and ideas on anything. That is such a hard thing to find with guys who, you know, he’s made it! He’s one of the best ever, him and Jeff! For them to be willing to go out there and give back and work as hard as they do is awesome to see. It gives hope to all.”

Why his and Davey Richards’ WWE NXT stint was so short:

“Just the timing. We went down and did a couple week thing down there. They decided to go in a different direction. We were comfortable going in a different direction. We were in talks with TNA at the time so we wanted to go to TNA because we thought that was the best opportunity and WWE was going in a different direction anyway. So, we were happy with the decision that we made.”

If his work ethic and work rate helped get him the World Title opportunity:

“I think so. I think it certainly has played a part in it. When I and Davey got to TNA, we wanted to prove we could wrestle anybody, anywhere, and have a good match. I take pride in being able to work any style, any match, any type of senario… A strong mix of matches. I don’t want every match to be the same. I’ll work as hard as I would in front of 20 people as I would for 20,000. I don’t know what lead to the decision (leading to winning the title) but I’m sure it played a part in it. To say I take pride in it, I know Davey does as well. We want to be known as the work horse, bust our ass, and leave it all in the ring.”

Facing Lashley at Total Nonstop Deletion:

“We talked about different styles. This is not like an X Divison match… This is me going up against a force of nature (laughs) like Lashley. A beast! I’m expecting more of the same. I’m going to get thrown around. I’m going to get beat up a bit. But, I thrive in being the underdog. I know I’m the champion but looking at me and looking at him, it is pretty believable that he could beat me. I’m fine with that. I welcome the challenge. I want that target on my back, being world champion! Going into this match, I’m just looking for a fight. He’s a bit peeved going in. One thing nobody knows about is our Dome of Deletion we’ve got going on. I don’t know how to prepare for that! Lashley doesn’t know how to prepare. There is a ring involved but then there’s also shenanigans! People will be very excited with this show! This is a full 2 hour journey into the mind of the Broken Brilliance! (laughs)”

The prospective of Rob Gronkowski getting into wrestling:

“I think he would be very entertaining! Obviously, he’s athletic. He’d probably be a beast! He’d probably really enjoy it. I think he’d have to get used to it hurting, I think he doesn’t think it hurts as much as it does. But, I think he’d be a great personality! And, he’d be fun to party with after!”

If Anthem will take TNA back to the promised land:

“That is the goal no matter what but especially at this time, with Anthem coming in, it is a new year. It is a fresh start. Everyone has the same goal from the office to the boys and girls, we all want to go out there and kick ass and put on the best product. I think this is a perfect time to ride the momentum of Total Nonstop Deletion and ride that into the new year and just keep going and going. People who have turned there back on TNA and even have rooted against us which I have never been able to understand. This is a new time! This is a new day. There is lots of new talent… Just tune in! Watch Total Nonstop Deletion!”

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