Emotional Renee Young Breaks Down During WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff

Renee Young

Renee Young broke down in tears when WWE aired a Dusty Rhodes tribute video during the Money in the Bank Kickoff show. When WWE went to her after the video, she was unable to properly deliver her lines due to the emotion that she was feeling. You could hear how choked up she was as she attempted to fight back tears.

Go to 50.13 of in the video below to hear her emotional reaction.

Another noticeably devastated person was Summer Rae. When she stood on stage for the opening Dusty ten bell salute, she looked absolutely rocked. She was crying and shaking, visually shell shocked at what was going on. The same was true of Paige, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Thanks for all your kind messages. I’ve never reacted like that on air ever, so just goes to show the power of the American Dream,” Renee tweeted after the show.