Eric Bischoff Not Ruling Out A Return To WWE For The Brand Split

Eric Bischoff

With WWE bringing former General Managers back to television to hype the upcoming brand split, one name that fans have been talking about is Eric Bischoff.

In recent weeks, WWE has been bringing back many former General Managers from SmackDown’s past such as Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis and Vickie Guerrero. However, we haven’t seen many of the former General Managers from Raw’s past. It was announced by WWE that Vince McMahon will be returning to Monday Night Raw this Monday.

While WWE is changing the title of its authority figures from General Manager to COO (Chief Operating Officer), a lot of fans want to know if Eric Bischoff will return for a role or at least an appearance before or after the brand split. Dave Meltzer addressed the possibility in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

One would think, since Eric Bischoff has a DVD release, that he should be in this role either doing the cameo, or bringing Long, Laurinaitis, teasing Kane and Vickie, could lead to something bigger for Bischoff because it would make bringing all those people back make more sense than just the repeating of the same angle like they’re doing. It’s been more than a decade since he was a regular on WWE TV and he is a great television character. Plus, if you want to have a different show with a storyline adversary role to the McMahons, Bischoff doing the right kind of character, and a character he could easily pull off, and would be as good as anyone I could come up with. Plus, the COO title they are using means it should be a less comedic role and someone more believable in upper management.

The rumors eventually got to Bischoff himself and he shot down the prospect on Twitter on Thursday.

Bischoff has apparently since changed his tune on the idea. On Sunday night, he responded to a question on whether he would ever run SmackDown, and said, “Stay tuned….its @WWE. Anything can happen.”