Father Attacks Wrestler At Impact Wrestling Event For Spitting On His Child

Last Saturday in Salinas, California, Impact Wrestling partnered with indy league Big Time Wrestling to film One Night Only: Cali Combat, which will air on pay-per-view in May. During the show, things got a little ugly as a fan attacked a wrestler for spitting on his child.

The event featured talent from both Impact Wrestling and Big Time Wrestling. As Devin Danger of Big Time Wrestling was making his way to the ring, he approached a young girl in the crowd and went to shake her hand. As the girl tried to reciprocate, Danger pulled his hand away and spit his gum on her before heading to the ring. The girl’s father wasn’t having any of it, as he ran up to Danger at ringside and started nailing him with punches before the melee was broken up.

Here is footage of the altercation.

Danger responded to the incident on Twitter on Thursday night, saying that he apologized to the child and her father for the incident. He also claims that his gum wasn’t meant to hit the girl.