Finn Balor on His Botched Entrance from Last Night, Vince Russo on Breaking Up Rusev & Lana

Finn Bálor

– Vince Russo has a new blog on the Chair Shot Reality website where he talks about breaking up Rusev and Lana. The full blog can be read at this link. Russo wrote:

“Having worked with Marc Mero and Sable, the scenario with Lana/Rusev is one that is quite familiar to me when I look at history. Many will say that Sable got over at the expense of Mero, but in my opinion that is absolutely not true. In that situation, Sable was given the opportunity to break-out on her own when Mero was sidelined with an injury, and she did just that. She grabbed the spotlight, thus in turn becoming one of the most popular female figures in the history of wrestling. At that point, Marc was forced to play “catch-up ball” when he returned, and to his credit he was able to somewhat work in Sable’s shadow to make his light shine even brighter.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. The WWE and Vince McMahon want to build Lana, while Rusev is still alive and breathing on the active roster. As I’ve already stated, they’ve stunted his growth somewhat with the losses to Cena, and now making him a “supporting actor” in Lana’s lead role . . . if not done correctly, yes, the WWE could make Lana a star, but they could also very well erase the investment they put into Rusev leading up to this point.”

– It appears Finn Balor’s entrance at last night’s WWE NXT live event in Albany, NY was botched but he made the best of it. Finn called it the “best entrance ever” on Twitter. Below is video from a fan:

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