Former ECW Wrestler Hack Meyers Dies

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On Friday afternoon, Axl Rotten said on Twitter that fellow ECW alum Hack Meyers had slipped into a coma at John’s Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Rotten announced Saturday night that Meyers has passed away.

Rotten wrote on Twitter, “Words cannont express the sadness I feel right now. My friend, partner, Brother #HackMeyers has passed away #shaah.”

According to Dave Scherer of, he was told that Meyers, real name Donald Haviland, died due to complications from a recent brain surgery. Last month, Rotten tweeted a photo of Meyers before he underwent surgery.

Meyers was 41-years-old. He was going to turn 42 on Monday.

A mainstay in the Florida independent scene since the 1990s, Meyers is best known for his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling from 1993 to 1996, where he was nicknamed “The Shah.” During any exchange of blows, fans would chant “Shah!” every time he landed a punch or kick, and “Shit!” when his opponent retaliated.

Here is video of Meyers going one-on-one with Taz in 1994.