Former TNA Tag Team Champion Announces Departure From Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling

Davey Richards announced Monday that he has parted ways with Global Force Wrestling.

“Today I came to terms with GFW for me release,” Richards said in a statement on Twitter. “This story however is a happy one. I have nothing but good memories and great things to say about my time there.”

Richards is leaving GFW to attend medical school.

“Truth is- I love wrestling,” Richards stated. “But my goal is to be a Doctor. I have managed my time in doing both my school, my job as a Paramedic, being a dad, and a wrestler as best I could for as long as I could. But the demands as I head into the last couple years of Medical School have brought me to a point where I have to choose one or another. So with GFW’s blessing I have chosen medical school.”

Richards is not leaving wrestling altogether since he is accepting limited independent bookings. Here is his full statement.

Richards had been with the company since January 2014. He was a five-time TNA Tag Team Champion (now known as the Unified GFW World Tag Team Championship) with Eddie Edwards.