Which GFW Knockout Does Triple H Want To Sign?

Triple H

Triple H has his eyes on Rosemary of Global Force Wrestling.

Triple H, who reigns as Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE, really wanted Rosemary in the Mae Young Classic as a representative of Canada. Since she’s under contract to GFW, it couldn’t happen. Now, however, there has been talk of offering her a contract once her deal with GFW expires later this year.

Rosemary, whose real name is Courtney Rush, offered her thoughts on the Mae Young Classic during an interview with Ring Rust Radio.

“Exposure is never a bad thing. We know several of those girls in the Mae Young Classic and they deserve a spotlight. All of them deserve the chance. In this world, in any facet of this world or really any business, especially in professional wrestling as it does have the more public exposure, it is about having that door open, having that opportunity, and having that ball passed to you. You may have all the tools to run with it, but unless someone gives it to you, you may never get that opportunity,” said Rosemary.

Rosemary began training to become a professional wrestler after learning of Eddie Guerrero’s death, which sparked her interest in the business. She was trained at Scott D’Amore’s school in Canada where she was taught by Tyson Dux and Johnny Devine.

“All of those girls were just waiting for that opportunity. When it is given to them, they are going to run with it and show that it was the right choice to be given that ball. Some of them have been waiting for years,” Rosemary continued.

Rosemary made her professional wrestling debut in 2008 and was signed by Global Force Wrestling in January 2016 — then known as Impact Wrestling. Prior to that, she had a six-year run with Shimmer Women Athletes.

“Mercedes Martinez is one of the most respected women’s wrestlers on the independent circuit, and it’s finally her opportunity,” said Rosemary. “All the exposure she deserves after so many years. All of us already knew all of us knows she is the best, and finally, the rest of the world will get a glimpse of that as well. Absolutely no matter what age or how many years you have been doing this, it’s all exposure and getting that chance, but it’s up to you what you do with that chance. What bigger platform is there than an international market with the WWE and the Mae Young Classic. It’s a 100 percent a wonderful thing for these girls.”

Earlier this month at Slammiversary, Rosemary competed in a Unification Match for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship and GFW Women’s Championships. She dropped the Knockouts Championship to Sienna, ending her reign at 266 days.