Goldberg Says He Will Wrestle Again, But Not for WWE


In an interview with, former WCW and WWE superstar Bill Goldberg says he’s going to wrestle again, but not for WWE anytime soon. It was previously reported that Vince McMahon was trying to get Goldberg to compete at WrestleMania 30 and WrestleMania 31, but he wanted too much money for a one-time gig.

Goldberg discusses his intentions for getting back in the ring, saying that if, and when, he does, he can “guarantee” that it won’t be inside of a WWE ring. He says,

“I’m going to make an appearance in professional wrestling, but it won’t be for the WWE. If I put wrestling boots and wrestling trunks on one last time, and I’m going to, it’s going to be done by me, and me only.”

Goldberg goes on to comment on why he claims he won’t be returning to WWE to wrestle inside of a 20-by-20 ring again, saying,

“Anything I did with the WWE was not therapeutic, by any stretch of the imagination. The reality is that nobody’s going to tell you that because they have an umbilical cord hooked to Vince McMahon. I, ladies and gentlemen, do not.

So therefore, I can say what I want and not have any repercussions because I don’t rely on them for a job.”

The entire interview is available here.