Goldberg WWE Network Collection Revealed, WWE Double Team Fury Video, Ryback Update


– As seen below, the latest WWE Fury video features 14 double-team moves:

– WWE Network will be adding a new “Collection” on Bill Goldberg this coming week. Courtesy of, below is the content to be featured:

* Nitro 1997/09/22 – Goldberg vs Hugh Morrus

* Starrcade 1997 – Goldberg vs Steve “Mongo” McMichael

* Nitro 1998/02/09 – Goldberg vs Lord Steven Regal

* Nitro 1998/04/20 – Goldberg vs Raven (WCW United States Championship Match)

* Nitro 1998/07/06 – Goldberg vs Hollywood Hogan (WCW World Heavyweight Championship

* Halloween Havoc 1998 – Goldberg vs Diamond Dallas Page (WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match)

* Starrcade 1998 – Goldberg vs Kevin Nash (WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match)

* Souled Out 1999 – Goldberg vs Scott Hall (Stun Gun Ladder Match)

* Thunder 1999/12/09 – Goldberg and Bret Hart vs Creative Control (WCW Tag Team Championships Match)

* Starrcade 1999 – Goldberg vs Bret Hart (WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match)

* Raw 2003/03/31 – WWE Debut

* Backlash 2003 – Goldberg vs The Rock

* Unforgiven 2003 – Goldberg vs Triple H (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

* Raw 2003/11/03 – A Toast with The Rattlesnake

* WrestleMania XX – Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar

* “The Rise and Fall of WCW” Excerpt – The Origin of Goldberg

* WWE Countdown S01E02 Excerpt – Through Smoke and Fire

* “50 Greatest Finishing Moves” Excerpt – The Finishing Touch

* “The Rise and Fall of WCW” Excerpt – An Unparalleled Run

– Ryback’s keeping busy while away from WWE on a contract dispute. He noted earlier in the week that he’s learning jiu-jitsu and learning to speak Spanish, as seen below:

The Spanish lessons have begun! #FeedMeMore

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