Hank from WWE Tough Enough on What’s Next for Him, WWE Hall of Famer at Tokyo Live Events

WWE Tough Enough

– Hank Avery, who was eliminated from WWE Tough Enough this week on the premiere, spoke with Brian Fritz of SportingNews.com following his departure. He commented on what’s next for him and revealed advice he received from Hulk Hogan:

“I’m going to go home. I’m going to take a good week off and spend it with my family and my daughter. She’s six months old and she’s right at the stage where she’s about to crawl. Hopefully, I’m going to see her crawl for the first time. After that, I’m going to finish up a couple credits at school. I’ve got just a couple more left and I’ll start to get in contact with some local wrestling schools. I spoke with Hulk Hogan last night after the decision. He came up to me and applauded me for how I handled everything. He was born in Augusta so he’s a fellow Georgian. He sat me down and said if this is something I really want to do that I could have a spot in this business. He’s getting in touch with some people in the local area and try to get me into a couple of wrestling schools, wrestling coaches, and I’ve already had two contact me this morning. I’m definitely going to pursue a career in this. I love it. I think it’s a great opportunity. I had a great time meeting everyone here. It’s been a short amount of time but it’s been an awesome experience. On the last season of “Tough Enough,” Cameron got voted off first and she’s in WWE. Ryback got voted off two or three seasons ago and he’s a common face of the sport, of the business right now. I’m taking it as a sign. I may not be cut out for a reality TV show but I think I’m cut out for the WWE.”

– WWE still has 2015 Hall of Famer Tatsumi Fujinami scheduled to appear as a special guest for the July 3rd and July 4th events in Tokyo. No word yet if he will appear live on the July 4th WWE Network special.

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