What Happened To Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt and JoJo?

Bo Dallas

Several weeks ago, Bo Dallas disappeared from television with the Miz sending a get well soon message on Raw. There is something to that as the word backstage at Raw on Monday was that Dallas has been kept at home due to illness.

Dallas’ brother, Bray Wyatt, and ring announcer JoJo (who dates Wyatt) were also not on Raw this week. According to PWInsider.com, they were told to stay home as well in what appears to be a preventive move in case they may have also been exposed to the illness.

Justin Labar of The Pittsburgh Tribune, however, noted on Twitter that all three missed recent live events due to viral meningitis. Depending on the severity, symptoms can last from 7-10 days to several months.

The @WrestleVotes Twitter account, which has broken several stories lately, noted that other talent may be suffering from the same illness and that it may “drastically impact” the WWE TLC pay-per-view this Sunday.

JoJo’s mother, Alexie Offerman, responded to @WrestleVotes to say her daughter is not ill.

Wyatt is scheduled to face Finn Balor this Sunday at WWE TLC, with Wyatt working under the name Sister Abigail and Balor worked as his Demon persona.