Update On The Headbangers Returning To WWE

The Headbangers

WWE has seen multiple stars from the past return, or attempt to. Rhyno is back, and performing on SmackDown Live. Curt Hawkins will join him sometime soon. Jinder Mahal returned after two years away to join Raw. Shelton Benjamin had been set to come back, but got halted by a shoulder injury. Now a tag team is apparently returning to WWE.

The Headbangers say they will be appearing on next Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown.

SmackDown is in the midst of a tournament to crown the first SmackDown Tag Team champions with one slot in the tournament featuring a team that had not yet been announced. Based on statements made by the duo, which has been wrestling on the Florida independent scene in recent years, it would appear that eighth team could be The Headbangers. If so, they would face Rhyno and Heath Slater.

On his Facebook page, Chaz “Mosh” Warrington, in reference to his son, wrote, “Ever since Tyler was old enough to realize and understand that I wrestle, I’ve had a dream/wish. That dream/wish was to wrestle one more time in a WWE Ring so he could see it. This dream/wish will cole true this Tuesday night in Dallas, Tx!!! I will be on WWE’s Smackdown Live Show on the USA Network!! Not only will he see me in ring but he’ll be able to watch it Live on TV!! This is truly a dream come true for me and I’m beyond excited!!!”

Glen “Thrasher” Ruth also wrote on his Facebook page that the team would be appearing on this Tuesday’s SmackDown episode.

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com, the veteran tandem is indeed scheduled to compete this Tuesday on SmackDown.

In 1997, the team debuted for WWF, where they worked regularly until 2000. The team had a short run with the WWF Tag Team championships in 1997 while Thrasher also briefly held the WWF Hardcore championship. The team also memorably appeared as “The Sisters of Love” on the first episode of WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, dressed as wrestling nuns. The idea was dropped after that lone appearance.

Warrington was also featured briefly as Beaver Cleavage, a character that was dropped very soon after vignettes building to the debut began. He began wrestling as Chaz, although he was eventually reunited with Ruth as The Headbangers. ‘

Ruth left WWF in 2000. Warrington remained for another year, teaming with D’Lo Brown as the Lowdown in WWF before also departing. On a national scale, The Headbangers were last seen in Ring of Honor in 2014.