Heath Slater Responds to WWE After Forgotten Pick, Cody Rhodes – EVOLVE Art, Cathy Kelley Video

Heath Slater

– In the video below, Cathy Kelley looks at WWE Draft reactions from various Superstars:

– Cody Rhodes tweeted the following t-shirt artwork for his upcoming EVOLVE matches against Chris Hero and Zack Sabre, Jr.:

– After being left out of the WWE Draft, Heath Slater posted the following on his Twitter account in response to WWE’s storyline article on the forgotten Draft pick:

“I hear all the whispers and all those lies people are spewing. Guess what? They are nothing but angry pleas from other guys who WISH they were free like me. You say I’m “optimistic and delusional”? You say I’ve “caught the bug”? I’ve had the bug for a long time now. I’ve been more than ready – since I was a little boy even – to get my time to shine. I know this company has taken down so many others but I’m not going to let them do the same to me. You’ll know my name and you’ll see that I’m stronger still. I’ll rise up from these ashes and you’ll learn to fear my pain, the pain of all the missed opportunities and all the backhanded comments I’ve endured all these years. Yeah you will. I won’t disappear, I definitely won’t be hanging up my boots anytime soon. I’ve got too much to prove before I would ever do that. You’ll be seeing me. You’ll be seeing a lot of me. Where you might ask? Only time will tell…”

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