The Hidden Meaning Behind Brie Bella’s Tattoo

Brie Bella

Well, this one has got to be a little bit weird for Daniel Bryan.

Fans have often made fun of Brie Bella‘s tattoo, which is just barely visible above the line of her wrestling shorts. Clearly, it is designed to frame a private area, hence why fans make fun of it.

But there’s actually a very meaningful story behind it. At 18-years-old, Brie suffered the loss of her boyfriend. It was a tragic death and it had a big impact on her life. She found spirituality as a result and had “bear claws” tattooed on her waistline as a reminder of her departed lover.

It is a nice sentiment, but also a bit of an odd location. You wonder if it was a little awkward for Daniel at first, seeing those bear claws, in memory of another man, just above his wife’s…

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