Hideo Itami Returns To Action At NXT House Show On Saturday Night (Video)

Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami is back on the scene in NXT.

During an NXT Live Event in Orlando, Florida on Saturday night, Itami shocked fans when he returned to the black-and-yellow brand.

Itami, who had been out of action since October with a neck injury, returned with only one man in his sights: Riddick Moss.

Itamo went on the attack following Moss’ match with Tino Sabbatelli at the Englewood Neighborhood Center. After tossing Sabbatelli out of the ring, Itami hoisted Moss over his shoulders and delivered a GTS right across the jaw.

Moss, who took credit for injuring Itami, had been boasting about it this week on Twitter.

Itami made it clear that the two would be seeing each other much sooner than later.

Here is footage of Moss inadvertently injuring Itami last October as a result of a botched powerslam.