Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair on How It Was Working for TNA, Hogan on WWE and Vince McMahon

Hulk Hogan

– The latest episode of Ric Flair’s “Woooooo! Nation” podcast features Hulk Hogan. There wasn’t much WWE fallout talk at all but they did talk some about TNA.

Flair recalled a time when both he and Hogan were employed by TNA and Hulk was also a member of the creative team. Hogan convinced Flair to take a clothesline from Hogan, while rolling down the ramp in a wheelchair on an episode of Impact Wrestling. Flair said the crowd went crazy and that was actually very exciting. Flair said it’s sometimes difficult to pop the crowd in the Impact Zone because the people are Universal Studios visitors and not wrestling fans. Hulk said he’ll never say a bad word about Dixie Carter because she stuck with him through all of his surgeries but agreed that it was a tough gig. Flair said TNA has always had some good stuff going on, mentioning James Storm and Bobby Roode as great wrestlers. He attributed TNA’s inevitable downfall to inconsistent booking habits and having “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Hogan said it was a lot of fun working in TNA. Flair added that TNA delivered them to and from the arena every night and most of their time in Orlando was spent at the hotel bar.

Regarding his WWE departure, Hogan said at the end of the day the one thing no one can take away from him is the loyalty of his fans, and that’s something he’ll never take for granted. Hogan said he’s had a great career, had some great memories and he’ll never have a bad thing to say about Vince McMahon or WWE for handling things the way they had to.

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