Hulk Hogan on Wrestling Next Year, Summer Rae on Filming The Marine and More, The Rock on Paige

Hulk Hogan

– Below is Hulk Hogan’s press conference from Australia last week where he talks about possibly wrestling at WrestleMania 32. Hogan says Vince McMahon told him that he is looking forward to Hogan wrestling next year.

– Movie Hotties recently interviewed Summer Rae to promote The Marine 4. She revealed one thing fans may not know about her:

“[Laughs] One thing my fans might not know about me is that when I graduated from college I went to work for a plumbing company, and so I was pretty much a full time plumber. I know how to lay a copper pipe and PVC. And I was forklift certified.”

She also commented on some of the challenges she faced shooting The Marine:

“It was very important to learn how to make everything look legitimate. I had never held a gun before or shot a gun before, so when playing a sniper I wanted to make sure I was convincing. We went through a lot of weapons training before and I was able to actively fire on the set and that was amazing. Talk about a great release, I’m going to be going to the firing range a lot.”

– The Rock not only praised Eva Marie when replying to birthday wishes this weekend but he wrote the following about Paige:

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