New Injury Update On Paige


Many fans have been wondering as to what has happened to Paige. Once an integral part of the WWE’s Women’s Division, the two-time Divas Champion has all but faded from television and rarely competes at non-televised shows these days. Now, she is being pulled from shows she was scheduled to wrestle on.

Paige was set to team with Women’s Champion Sasha Banks at live events in New Zealand and Australia next week, however, according to, she has been pulled from the four-event tour.

Earlier this week, Saraya Knight, the WWE star’s mother, took to Twitter to dispel rumors that he career is being impacted by personal issues. Knight says her daughter is injured and undergoing physiotherapy.

“To all dirt sheets that are slandering my daughter you might have to get facts right before posting. Melt down my arse!! She is injured!!!!” she tweeted. “Raging right now! My daughter has an jnjury. No melt down, babies, sackings or any other bullshit your might read. Why don’t you just ask???”

After not initially specifying the nature of her injury, Knight confirmed on Saturday that Paige is undergoing physiotherapy and tests on her back and neck.

A referee who works for World Association of Wrestling, a promotion run by Knight and her family, revealed more details on Paige’s injuries in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Maybe a real reason Paige is not on TV, not the current bullshit being banded about

Paige is dealing with the back and shoulder injuries she’s been Tweeting about, and she’s expected to not only miss the Australia and New Zealand tours, but also the next two-to-three weeks of dates. It’s believed to be a nerve issue that they’re hoping can be addressed with physical therapy as opposed to surgery, but she’s scheduled for another evaluation on Aug. 15 which will determine the next steps in treatment.

Knight posted the statement on her Facebook account, and added the following:

Everybody happy now? A mums worse nightmare is her child hurting and broken, but, what hurts more is the bullshit being spread through media networks. My heart has been in my mouth over the last few weeks and not being able to talk about it whilst reading all the bullshit has made me so angry. Just wish her well instead of making up shit….