Jake “The Snake” Roberts Apologizes For Strange Video Message Directed At Bray Wyatt

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

On Thursday, a video surfaced on YouTube of Jake “The Snake” Roberts sending a strange message to Bray Wyatt.

The clip features the WWE Hall of Famer waking up from his slumber and removing an oxygen mask from his face. He then says that he got garlic flavored condoms for him and Bray tonight before pointing out an outfit he was planning to wear. It concludes with Roberts removing his false teeth and saying he’ll give Wyatt a “gum job.”

Roberts said, “Is that you, Bray, baby? It is. Thanks for waking me up. Look what I got for us tonight — garlic flavored condoms. I was going to wear this for you but instead I’m going all the way and give you you’re favorite — a gum job. Get it for me, baby, get it on. Merry syphilis, happy gonorrhea!”

On Friday, Roberts deleted the video and offered an apology to Wyatt.

“My apologies to @wwebraywyatt and fans for my last inappropriate video… not as funny as I envisioned it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Due to his history with substance abuse, there was online speculation as to whether this meant Roberts had fallen into a relapse. Roberts, however, claims he’s sober.

He wrote Friday on Twitter, “CLEAN, SOBER, HAPPY .. now just to get this hip rehabbed 100% and get back to @DDPYoga. It’s in my grasp.”

According to ProWrestlingSheet.com, Roberts had the video pulled after feeling that not everyone would understand his particular brand of humor

His rep told the website, “This is just Jake being the goofball we all know and love!”

Here is the video, which a YouTube user saved.