Jeff Jarrett’s Daughter Takes Shot At Karen Jarrett Over Her Dad Going To Rehab

Jeff and Karen Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett’s week of turmoil continues as it looks like a bit of a family feud is brewing. Jarrett’s daughter Joslyn retweeted a tweet that disparaged his wife Karen.

“Karen Jarrett with another husband in rehab??? Drives men to the sauce,” the tweet said. Joslyn quoted the tweet and commented, “RT,” insinuating followers to retweet the post.

It was reported earlier this week that Jarrett checked into a WWE-sponsored rehab. Impact Wrestling announced on Monday that it had terminated its business relationship with Jarrett. Jarrett was involved in an incident at the Real Canadian Wrestling show in Calgary on Oct. 20, where he didn’t appear to be in any condition to perform when he wrestled in the main event.

Joslyn also posted on Instagram addressing her father going to rehab, in which she implied that there was recently a strain in their relationship.

Usually I don’t do a post like this but for most of y’all that know me I don’t like sharing my feelings whatsoever. But today my dad checked into rehab… I know I haven’t been the biggest fan of my dad for the past few years but in the end he is still my dad and I love him more than anything. Dad, I hope when you see this, you really know how much I love you. I’m so proud of the decision you made and excited to see how the next few months go. You can do this and can’t wait to see that smile again. As for everyone else reading this all I ask is for you to keep my two little sisters in your prayers… It’s going to be a hard couple of months but I’m hoping in the end that my dad, my two sisters, and I can be a family again. Sorry again for the mushy post but i just had to get that off my chest. Love you forever and always dad

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Karen Jarrett was married to Kurt Angle and had two children before getting divorced in 2008. She married Jeff Jarrett in 2010. Karen’s daughter with Kurt, Kyra Angle, replied to Joslyn’s tweet and wasn’t happy with her being disrespectful to her mother.