Jerry Jarrett’s New 13-Week Wrestling Project Revealed, Wrestling’s Version of American Idol

Jerry Jarrett and Oleg Prudius

– We noted before that legendary pro wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett, who co-founded TNA with son Jeff Jarrett, announced on Facebook that getting back into the pro wrestling business.

It was speculated that Jarrett may be working with the new Classic Wrestling Revolution promotion in Las Vegas or possibly working with his son at Global Force Wrestling as the two are back on speaking terms. Jerry won’t be working with CWR or GFW as he’s heading up a new 13-week wrestling series that will be similar to WWE Tough Enough or the “wrestling version” of American Idol.

Jarrett’s team will be visiting different independent wrestling promotions to do a talent search and will soon be calling on indie wrestlers to submit their audition tapes. The idea is to then invite 30-50 talents in to begin the process. The competitions will likely take place at smaller indie promotions with a few special events ran from major markets such as Las Vegas, Orlando or New York City. The finalists from the smaller markets would then compete against each other at the major market events. The idea is to then do a tour with the winners of the competition, some of the finalists and a few established wrestlers that have been with WWE or TNA, or worked in Japan in the past.

Regarding the actual competitions, indie wrestlers will perform in the ring, in front of a three-judge panel. If there’s a botch or something the judges don’t like, they will have a buzzer that they can stop the match with.

These are the basic details of Jerry’s new project but we will keep you updated as they move forward.

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Source: PWInsider