Jim Ross Discusses His Interactions With Chyna Before Her Death


In his latest blog on jrsbarbq.com, Jim Ross offers his thoughts on the death of Chyna and his recent interactions with her.

I am still reeling regarding the sudden and unexpected death of Joanie Lauer aka Chyna this past week in Los Angeles. The cause of death has yet not been revealed but I wonder if it could have been something as simple as sleep apnea? Undiagnosed sleep apnea can cause a heart attack if the affliction goes untreated. I had 99 episodes where I stopped breathing in a hour, on my sleep test. I had severe undiagnosed sleep apnea all the years I worked for WWE and as far back as the late 80’s in WCW as well according to my wife Jan.

When I read that Joanie was being treated for anxiety and for a ‘sleep disorder’ I immediately thought of the sleep apnea matter. The autopsy will tell us what we don’t know about how she passed but the bottom line is that she’s gone and she left us much too early.

My most recent communications with Joanie had been somewhat frequent and it was obvious that she still had her good days and some that were not so good. She knew that she needed to regain full control of her life and to essentially create a healthy restart. I was convinced that was exactly what she was doing but I also realized, as did she, that transformation was going to take time and would be a daily ‘work in progress.’

As I wrote for my story on Joanie’s passing for www.foxsports.com that at the end of the day all that Joanie Lauer wanted was to be happy and to be loved.

That’s not a bad goal for any of us. RIP Joanie.