Jim Ross Says Deal Between WWE and TNA Is ‘Imminent’

Jim Ross

On the latest episode of The Ross Report, Jim Ross says his sources are once again buzzing, and this time they’re telling him that a deal between WWE and TNA is on the way. Although it may not be the deal fans were expecting.

“These are good sources, but it doesn’t mean that they’re accurate. It just means that they have been reliable in the past,” Ross said. “[The] rumor is that WWE is allegedly very close to buying the TNA library. Not the promotion; the TNA library. Obviously, with the WWE Network, the TNA library could be a nice resource, nice asset. Now, TNA does have some talents I’m sure WWE would probably like to have somewhere down the road, but right now we hear that WWE and TNA have had talks regarding WWE buying the library, and that that deal is imminent.”

He continued, “Again, these are rumors. They have not been verified. But the people who told me normally are very, very reliable. That’s all I will say on that deal.”