Jim Ross Updates Fans On His Condition After Fall

Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross suffered a nasty injury on Friday night, which left him with a badly grazed face and a huge black eye.

The 66-year-old posted to his Twitter account on Saturday — alongside a graphic photo — saying that he “took a bad bump” the night before and that “the concrete went over.”

Ross didn’t give any further details on how he incurred his massive shiner besides hitting his face on the concrete.

Despite this, the legendary wrestling announcer still attended Saturday’s Oklahoma Sooners football game against the Kansas Jayhawks (the Sooners won 55 to 40).

According to John Pollock of POSTWrestling.com, Ross was walking down a flight of steps, miss stepping on one, and took a faceplant on concrete.

Ross then revealed that he suffered a concussion, but still plans to travel to Winston-Salem, North Carolina later this week for WrestleCade.

On Tuesday, Ross again took to Twitter to update fans on his condition. While recording a new episode of his “Ross Report” podcast, Ross revealed that he still has two black eyes, but to not worry about him.