John Cena On Why He Doesn’t Plan On Ever Leaving WWE, Flying To Monday’s Raw For Brief Appearance

John Cena

John Cena says he would take the co-hosting role of Live With Kelly! after Michael Strahan bolted from the show.

Cena told Extra‘s Renee Bargh that he thinks he would be able to co-host the weekday morning show with Kelly Ripa and appear on WWE television at night on a weekly basis.

“I would absolutely take it – I would take it in a heartbeat. I would be the first guy to be able to host in the morning and go fight at night,” Cena said in a television interview from the the ESPYs soundstage.

Cena has built up his talk show resume with regular appearances on NBC’s Today Show over the past year.

Cena, who returned to Los Angeles after flying to Detroit for Raw, also addressed his 90-second appearance on the show to continue his feud with The Club.

“I flew all through the day and night just to show up on Monday Night Raw for a minute-and-a-half last night and I loved it — I loved every second of it,” Cena said.

He also addressed why he won’t be leaving WWE despite more outside-of-WWE gigs.

“I don’t plan on leaving the WWE ever. They’re in 180 countries, they have 650 million homes they reach each week, they have over half a billion social followers – why in the name of whatever we believe in would I shut that off? They have such a powerful voice, such an excited fanbase, and I actually love doing it.”