John Cena on Giving Talents a Shot with the US Open Challenge, Advice for Roman Reigns, More

John Cena

– WWE United States Champion John Cena recently spoke with Rob of talkSPORT. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

Defending against Rusev at Extreme Rules:

“Rusev is big, and bad. I always say he’s a three hundred pounder that moves like a two hundred pounder and has the strength of a four hundred pounder. But I’ve been in the ring with a lot of folks. I’m ready for anything – and I learned at Fast Lane that I have to keep my eyes out for Lana, too. She was put in check at Wrestlemania so I think I’ve got all the bases covered with him. I’m really proud to be US champion, not only because I’m patriotic but because of what I want to do with the championship, I have a vision for that championship. I want to take it to a new level and I’m not going to let a guy like Rusev stop me.”

Giving talents a chance with the US Open Challenges:

“I really think the WWE is filled with an enormous amount of talent. The complaint from the WWE Universe – and I listen – is they want new superstars to be given a chance. So I’ll open it up. I’ll give everyone a chance. But if they don’t bring their best, I’ll absolutely destroy them and be fully content with that. However, I’d like to think a championship match will bring out the best in folks and those that have accepted [including the likes of Dean Ambrose, Stardust and Bad News Barrett] have all entered unbelievable efforts. I say keep your eyes on the US Open challenge because you don’t know what you’re going to see next.”

Advice for Roman Reigns on handling boos:

“The advice I have for Roman is just be yourself because at this point if you try to change who you are to cater to the audience, especially the audience that is chanting, they will eat you alive. Over the 13 years I’ve been here in WWE, I get more obscure chants than anyone else. But the fans know I love this, they know I show up all the time for all the events, they know I put my life on the line, they know I pour my heart out and although they chant I think there is – or I’d like to hope there is, anyway – that underlying respect there. He will be fine as long as he remains true to who he is. If Roman tries to change who he is or tries to redefine himself that authenticity will be gone so he just needs to stay the course and keep doing well.”

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