John Cena Says Kevin Owens Truly Brings Out the Best In Him, Talks About Acting and More

John Cena

– WWE United States Champion John Cena recently spoke with to promote Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

CS: I’ve had a chance to see at least a clip from “Sisters,” so I know that that’s a completely different role for you. That drug dealer is just pretty crazy. I’ve only seen one scene.

Cena: How about that? In one movie, I play a sexually confused ex-boyfriend, and in the other one, I play a drug dealer.

CS: It definitely is a departure from what we’re used to seeing from you, the big action movies and stuff like that.

Cena: Yeah, I think the big action movies, it seems like a natural correlation, but I’ve often found that those action movies are tough, first of all. My hats off to anybody filming action, because you get beat up. If I’m going to get the crap kicked out of me, I would love 15,000 people on hand to tell me that I’m doing good or I’m doing bad. So, if I’m going to be in any physical duress, I’d really like it to be in a WWE ring, which is why I was so amped to be a part of “Trainwreck.” I mean, like you said, it’s something very new and very different and a chance to be surrounded by extremely, extremely funny people.

CS: The first time I heard about the sex scene was on “Total Divas,” when Nikki was talking about it. I knew you were in the movie from being on set, but then I watched “Total Divas,” and I heard about this sex scene. Doing those scenes in general are hard, but having to do a funny sex scene must be even harder to kind of keep the comedy going while trying to manage all the other stuff.

Cena: I will say, it is anything but sexy. It was easily, easily the most awkward, embarrassing moment of my life, being covered up by a very small amount of material in front of an enormous crew of characters. Just to let everybody behind the curtain, it’s not just two people. There’s two camera operators, two focus pullers, two or three lighting guys, two or three sound guys, props, the whole people watching in the row of director’s chairs. It ended up being just a bunch of people in there. So, it’s not at all intimate in any way. It was very just being out there.

CS: This feud with Kevin Owens thing you’ve been doing is just amazing and has led to some amazing matches. He’s a really talented athlete, but he’s also a huge heel and I’m kind of surprised people love him so much and they’re always so critical of you. You talk about it a lot at the shows. Do you see that going for a long time, this feud with Kevin?

Cena: I hope so. Kevin is unbelievably skilled. If there is anyone deserving of a spot on “Monday Night Raw”… superstars often talk about their journey to the WWE. His is one of legend, having worked in the independent circuit for a decade and a half, and truly being able, for someone of his stature, being able to all that he can do, combining strength and unbelievable agility in the ring. Well well deserving of being showcased on “Monday Night Raw.” He truly brings out the best in me, and people will always be critical of me. There’s a portion of the WWE audience that is just yearning for new, so when they see a new talent that doesn’t have any inhibitions, who knows who he is as a character and says what he wants, and then, on top of that, follows it up with unbelievable performances, that’s how you captivate the audience and that’s how you get something really special started. I think Kevin Owens’ name we’ll be talking about 10 years from now as one of the major players in the WWE. I’ve been around for quite a long time, and for me to be able to get in a ring with a guy like that and go like hell and then do it again and hopefully do it again, that’s all I’m looking to do. I just want to be able to let the WWE universe know that I can still go with the best of them—the newest, the best and the brightest, I can still compete.

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