John Cena Wants To Appear On NXT TV and He Knows Who He’d Face

John Cena

During a question and answer session with fans on Saturday at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, John Cena took the opportunity to talk about something other than his relationship with Nikki Bella.

The subject of NXT came up a lot. Seeing as he’s a “Free Agent,” one fan wondered if he’d like to work the black-and-yellow brand.

“I would love to be on the television show,” Cena said. “I’ve been around the Superstars of Raw and SmackDown for a long time. I recently went to the WWE Performance Center and spoke to the NXT Superstars for over six hours in a forum like this where I answered their questions. I was so inspired by how hard they work and how hungry they are, that it made me want to perform with them. So, I hope one day to actually perform on an NXT television show.”

When asked who he would like to face, Cena said EC3.

“That list is quite long, but there’s a fellow who just arrived by the name of EC3,” Cena said.

“The only reason I would put him at the top of the list is because he’s been involved with WWE before and now he’s reinvolved and reinvigorated and revitalized, he’s got himself in good shape and he’s feeling pretty confident about himself and he made one fatal mistake. He said he was gonna finish me. Take me out of the WWE. And there’s been sooo many people who say that. So I would like to have a match with EC3 just to let him know that as good as he’s going to do, no matter how hard he tries, he’s not even on the same planetary scale.”

Cena also said that Velveteen Dream could be “the one” when it comes to the future of WWE. He put over the 22-year-old NXT star when asked whether he’d want to face Dream, Ricochet, or Adam Cole.

Cena quickly pointed to Velveteen and said, “You know how like, in the Star Wars movies, the old Jedis can look at like the rookie Jedis and be like, ‘I think that’s the one’? I kind of have a weird, odd, Midichlorian feeling about Velveteen Dream. I think there’s something special there.”

You can check out the entire Q&A in the videos below.