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No WWE Superstar has had a tougher or darker road than Kane. The “Big Red Monster” had to overcome physical deformity, emotional scarring, and the inability to speak just to reach WWE, yet Kane has remained a fixture in WWE for well over a decade. During that time, Kane’s actions often jump from heroic to villainous as the tortured psyche of a man who struggles to keep his inner demons at bay, but has also followed their orders with a menacing grin plastered on his face.

Big Red Debut

Throughout 1997, Paul Bearer provided frightening descriptions and dire predictions that Undertaker’s half-brother, long thought dead, was on his way to exact his revenge. For years, the “Phenom” thought Kane had perished in a fire that also claimed the lives of Undertaker’s mother and father. Audiences first laid eyes on the masked Kane at Badd Blood in October 2007 where he tore the door off the Hell in a Cell ring to confront Undertaker. After a brief stand-off, Kane used a crushing Tombstone Piledriver on Undertaker and left him unconscious in the ring.

While Undertaker initially refused to fight his own flesh and blood, the brothers met at WrestleMania XIV. It was a match WWE officials hesitated to sanction due to the enmity the Superstars had for each other, and it marked the first of many emotional battles between the half-brothers. They competed in Inferno Matches, which saw Kane set ablaze and forced to relive the horrors of childhood.

Newfound Allies and The Brothers of Destruction

Kane found other opponents and allies while battling his half-brother, and is one of the most successful competitors in the tag team ranks in WWE history. Kane teamed up with Mankind for his first run as WWE Tag Team Champion, and has won titles with Big Show, The Hurricane and Rob Van Dam in his corner.

An improbable partnership with X-Pac during 1999 took Kane down an unfamiliar path at the time, that of a fan favorite. He even found his first love in then-DX valet Tori, and the world heard him speak without the aid of a voice box. The duo held the World Tag Team Championship twice, but the partnership dissolved when X-Pac and Tori turned on Kane. Kane managed to get a measure of revenge against his former partner at WrestleMania 2000.

For Undertaker and Kane, time has both healed the wounds of their past and also ripped them open fresh again. The warring brothers occasionally find it within themselves to operate together when they aren’t actively trying to destroy each other. Teaming up as The Brothers of Destruction, they captured the World Tag Team Championship twice. They even jointly held the WWE and WCW tag team crowns during the 2001 Alliance Invasion and are nearly unstoppable when the wounds of the past don’t drive them apart.

The Mask of Kane

The emotional scarring Kane suffered following the horrific fire of his childhood caused him to hide behind a mysterious red and black mask. Kane used his mask as a psychological crutch, suppressing his pain, and hiding from the ridicule of others. However, after losing a World Championship vs. Mask match against Triple H, “The Big Red Monster” was forced to remove his mask and face the world. No longer hiding behind the mask, Kane proved to be more emotionally unstable. The trouble Superstar went on a rampage, highlighted by setting Jim Ross on fire, delivering a Tombstone Piledriver to then-WWE CEO Linda McMahon on the Raw stage, electrocuting Shane McMahon, and rekindling the violent rivalry with his brother at WrestleMania XX.

In the ring, he remained equally destructive while fighting off the challenge of an impostor in 2006, spread fear and darkness on SmackDown, and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in record time at WrestleMania XXIV. Kane has competed in a few Money in the Banks matches, but his victory at the 2010 edition allowed him to defeat Rey Mysterio later that same night to claim the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane began 2011 on a high note. He partnered with Big Show to take on The Corre, then claimed the WWE Tag Team Championship in April. However, after losing a Street Fight against Randy Orton, Kane was attacked by Mark Henry and suffered a fractured fibula which him out of action for months.

Toward the end of 2011, chilling vignettes aired around the world, heralding the return of a masked Kane. Now known as “The Devil’s Favorite Demon,” Kane initially set his sights on John Cena, but quickly turned his attention to Randy Orton in 2012. Kane claimed he needed to purge the memory of the handshake with “The Apex Predator” after their Street Fight. Their rivalry resulted in a match at WrestleMania XXVIII, which Kane won.

Kane Returning To TV This Monday On Raw?

December 19, 2015 – Kane is advertised to appear at this Monday’s Raw in Minneapolis, Minneapolis at the Target Center.

“The Devil’s Favorite Demon” has not appeared on WWE television since the Survivor Series, where he teamed with Undertaker to defeat Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Kane has been wresting at house shows since then, and he will be in action at the 13th annual WWE Tribute to the Troops event, which airs as a two-hour special on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on USA Network (the show was taped December 8, 2015).