Kane on Making Sure Seth Rollins Is the Future, His Relationship with Triple H and Stephanie, More


– This week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Kane, as seen above. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks about Kane letting fans vote on the WWE Payback main event and why he put WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in a predicament. Kane says he didn’t do anything, the WWE Universe voted for Rollins to defend against both Roman Reigns and Randy Orton, all he did was give them options and that was best for business.

* Cole asks about Kane going into business for himself with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon not at RAW. Kane says he doesn’t have a personal vendetta against Rollins. Kane says Triple H and Stephanie the utmost confidence in his ability to make decisions when they’re not there.

* Cole asks if he’s had a formal job evaluation with Triple H and Stephanie. Kane brings up his history with Triple H and says if they thought he was doing a bad job, they would tell him. Cole asks why Kane keeps trying to knock Rollins down the ladder. Kane says he’s not, he’s just trying to help Rollins navigate the waters or climb the ladder to stardom. Cole wonders if that’s sincere and says he finds it hard to believe that someone like Kane can just sit in the shadows and watch Rollins rise to the top without saying anything. Kane says we all have a role in WWE and in his case, The Authority. Kane says his job is to ensure Rollins fulfills his potential and he’s going to do that job to the best of his ability, no matter what.

* Cole asks if Kane personally likes Rollins. Kane says his personal feelings are irrelevant in this matter. Kane says we’re not here to like or dislike each other, they’re here to do business. Cole asks again if Kane likes Rollins. Kane brings up again how Rollins is a spoiled little brat and says he reminds him of a Shawn Michaels. Kane reiterates that his job is to make sure Rollins is champion and the future of WWE because it’s best for business.

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