King Kong Bundy On What He Did That Ticked Vince McMahon Off

King Kong Bundy

When King Kong Bundy disappeared from WWE in 1988, “The Atlantic City Monster” intended on returning to the promotion the following year. His hiatus became six-and-a-half years as “The Walking Condominium” would not return until 1994 as a member of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation.

During Bundy’s time away from WWE, he appeared in television commercials endorsing a personal computer from a company called Vendex. According to Bundy, his work with Vendex ticked off Vince McMahon so much it almost killed his chance of a return to WWE.

“Around the beginning of ’89 I was working for a computer company which basically killed my career in the WWE because it ticked Vince off so badly,” Bundy said in a recent interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast.

“I was going to take off for a year and it wound up being like five years and I got divorced and I bought a bar and all those things you do that fail miserably [laughing] but it wound up being longer than I thought and I should have gone to WCW when I came back. I had a few matches in ECW and Vince called me and told me he was going to do something with me and that was a total lie.

“I remember talking to people when I was working for the computer company and not long after I left and I’ll say that I don’t think the two were related to each other but the business was down quite a bit. In ’89 I was talking to a few of the boys and they were telling me how the houses were down and I think there were some hard times there.”

Here are two of the commercials Bundy appeared in.