Kofi Kingston Tells Funny Xavier Woods Story, Talks WWE Hell In a Cell and The Dudleyz, More

Kofi Kingston

– WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston recently spoke with TechTimes.com to promote WWE Hell In a Cell. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

Hell in a Cell is upon us. What can fans expect from The New Day’s match against The Dudley Boyz?

Kofi Kingston: Anybody who’s been watching knows that there’s a lot of bad blood between us and the Dudleys. We used to be the Dudleys’ fans, watching them while growing up and it was awesome to see them come back to the WWE. Unfortunately, the Dudleys have a problem with The New Day just because we’re tag-team champions.

It’s just a shame because I’m very torn because I was a fan of the Attitude Era and tables and ladders and chairs and everything the Dudleys have done up until this point. Unfortunately now, they have victimized us. I don’t know if you saw Raw this past Monday, but Xavier Woods was powerbombed through a table and he’s in real rough shape. It’s not cool what these Dudleys have been doing.

I know a lot of people have been enjoying them now, but we can’t let them become tag-team champions because they are everything that’s wrong with the WWE in terms of their regard of furniture, respecting the champions and their demeanor. They got a bad attitude and The New Day doesn’t like that.

You guys are so fluid on the mic, with plenty of personality and chemistry. How much of what The New Day says on Raw every week is on the fly?

A lot of it is on the fly. We’ve been riding together — myself, Xavier Woods and Big E — we’ve been traveling together for over a year. We’re on the road five days a week. We spend more time with each other than we do with our own families, so a lot of times when we say things, we know what the other person is going to say before they even say it, so it ends up being just like seventh-grade chemistry class when you’re just learning about hydrogen, oxygen and putting it all together to get H2O—water—and it flows smoothly. That’s what The New Day does when we get together.

As colorful as each of your personalities are, there have got to be pranks that you’ve pulled on each other while on the road. Can you let us in on one of them?

There are a lot of funny stories … we get along so much. There was one time actually where [laughs], we pulled up to a hotel and I forget what it was, but one of us lost a bet, so the consequence was Xavier had to do all of the booking of the rooms and checking in with an English accent. So, he comes in at like 4 in the morning with an English accent and the lady [at the hotel] isn’t trying to hear it.

So, he’s talking [in English accent], ‘I need to check in, my name is Xavier’ and the lady is calming him down and telling him to be quiet. The funny thing is she called E the wrong name, which we still call him to this day. When we go to Hotwire and fill something out, we put in Etmore. She kept calling him Etmore and that kind of stuck. We have a lot of stories like that where things just happen to us. It’s good times all around at all hours of the night.

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