Kurt Angle Announcement Speculation, Stevie Ray at RAW (Video), The Spirit Squad

– Former Tag Team Champions Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat was backstage for this week’s WWE RAW in Houston, as seen in this Fallout video with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Anderson and Gallows rant to Mike Rome after their win over The Hardys and insist they have never lost any of their momentum. They run down Rome before Stevie makes an appearance for a “too sweet” moment. Stevie tells Gallows and Anderson not to worry about anything but breaking necks and cashing checks.

– The former Spirit Squad is now using the name The Squad on the indies. Mikey and Kenny are looking to work a regular indie schedule and are taking bookings via Bill Behrens at showbis@aol.com. They are currently booked full through the end of August but are looking for dates in September and the rest of the year.

– As noted, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle will be on next week’s RAW in Nashville for the big reveal in the storyline he’s been doing with Corey Graves. Angle noted on this week’s RAW that he must go public next week with news that could mean he also has to say goodbye. Angle hoped that this could mean he loses his family but he hoped they will support him. Angle took a phone call right as RAW was going off the air and invited someone to join him on next week’s RAW to make the announcement with him. Angle ended the phone call by telling the person on the other end that he loves them.

Speculation is that Stephanie McMahon will be the one to join Angle next week but that hasn’t been confirmed. There’s also been some speculation on Dixie Carter appearing after she spoke on Angle’s WWE 24 special this week. We noted before that Angle vs. Triple H was being discussed and this may be how they get to that match, perhaps for SummerSlam in August.

Below is video from the RAW closing segment:

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