Kurt Angle Q&A: Who Was Tougher – Steve Austin or Brock Lesnar?, Neck Surgery Complications, More

Kurt Angle

– Kurt Angle recently did another Q&A with fans on his Facebook page. Below are some highlights from Angle’s official website:

What does a weekly workout routine look like for you?

It’s simple: 4 days of weight training and 3 days of hard cardio. I train every day, but no longer than an hour. This is nothing compared to my 10 hour days of training for the Olympics, but it works for me.

What is your work out routine like? I saw in a interview that Stone Cold said your cardio was amazing! What kind of work outs do you do for that?

Nowadays, I only run 3-4 miles a day, but I run fast. I do hill sprints as well. It works for me, so I never get tired when I wrestle.

Who was a tougher opponent according to you , in terms of in-ring skills – Brock Lesnar or Stone Cold Steve Austin? Lesnar and Austin. Who was tougher?

That’s a difficult question. Austin was aggressive and physical. He was always pressing me. Lesnar is a beast, an animal, a rare breed. They dominated in different ways. Both are rugged. But who frightens me more? Lesnar

How are you feeling since your neck surgery?

I’m doing ok from my neck surgery. I had complications but I should be ready to go by early September.

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