Kurt Angle On His Reaction To Jason Jordan Storyline, Rumors Of Him Wrestling At SummerSlam (Video)

Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

At WWE’s WWE 2K18 and WWE Supercard Kickoff Event on Friday in New York City, Kurt Angle talks about being in the WWE 2K18 game, his return to the company, being Raw General Manager, how close he came to wrestling at SummerSlam, when he thinks he will wrestle again and the storyline with Jason Jordan.

Angle said that while being Raw General Manager is “a huge honor,” he wants to wrestle again.

“I get that feeling that I want to get back in that ring and go at it,” Angle said. “Hopefully down the road I take the physical and we get moving in that direction, but right now I’m very happy in being the GM.”

Angle was also asked about the rumors that he would be wrestling at SummerSlam. This past spring, rumors surfaced that Angle would be facing Triple H at tonight’s show Angle acknowledged that he heard the rumors, but Vince McMahon would have approached him about it so that he could have gotten ready and that never happened. He said that he’d like to wrestle early next year, but that it’s ultimately up to Vince.

The interview turned to Angle’s storyline with Jason Jordan being his illegitimate son. He said that Chad Gable resembles him more, which is why Vince probably went with Jordan. Angle said that he likes being a part of anything that’s different, and revealed his reaction when Vince approached him with the idea.

“When Vince approached me and told me about it, I loved it, I said, ‘Let’s do this’,” Angle said. “Anything that separates me from the rest, I’m going to do it and he knew that.”