Kurt Angle Says He Will Return To WWE, Reveals He’s Had Recent Talks With Triple H

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle appeared on Mark Madden’s daily talk show in Pittsburgh on Tuesday and was asked to confirm or deny whether WWE has contacted him about returning.

“I did talk to Triple H about six weeks ago,” Angle said. “It was a good conversation. We’re in good spirits, we’re on good terms. Will I return? Yes, I don’t know when. They have not contacted me about the brand split. I’m not expecting anything, so if they do contact me, great. If they don’t, that’s fine as well.”

He continued, “As far as bringing me back, I don’t know when. I don’t think it’s going to be during the brand split, at least they haven’t called me yet, so we’ll see here in the future. There are a lot of rumors going around, but I’ll put that to rest by telling you that nobody has contacted me about coming back for the brand split.”

Angle said he would like to go back to WWE for a year or two and then retire. He mentioned the idea of managing Jason Jordan or Chad Gable and praised both of the American Alpha members. He said there are rumors that he will manage them as a team, but no one has told him he will do it. Angle also spoke highly of working for TNA, his training, Brock Lesnar returning to UFC, their legendary sparring session, his own talks with UFC, and more. You can check out the interview here.