Kurt Angle’s Brother David Charged with Homicide After Domestic Incident

Kurt Angle

– The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Kurt Angle’s brother David Angle, 62, is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail awaiting arraignment on a homicide charge. Angle was arrested after his wife was found dead at their home this morning.

Police and paramedics responded at 6:24 AM to David’s home for a report of a domestic disturbance and a woman not breathing. There they found Donna Angle, 57, unresponsive on the floor of the living room. She was taken to St. Clair Hospital and pronounced dead at 7:13 AM.

​”Due to the situation Kurt would appreciate if you can honor his family’s request for privacy at his difficult time,” Kurt’s manager said in a text message.

In an interview with police, David Angle said he and wife were in the living room at about 3 AM this morning when she offered him some vodka. He told her he didn’t want any but she continued to “badger him about drinking with her,” and it escalated into an argument, the complaint continued.

“He said all of their arguments revolved around alcohol and added that he has ‘anger issues,'” a detective wrote.

After his wife tried to kick him, he “grabbed both of her arms, pulled her off the couch, put his foot on her chest and then pulled,” the complaint said. He told police he couldn’t recall how long he did that but said “it was not for minutes.” David told police his wife became unconscious and he tried unsuccessfully to revive her before calling 911.

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