Lana Tries To Assist Rusev At WWE Live Event, Update On Lana’s Angle With Dolph Ziggler

Rusev and Lana

While Lana has turned babyface and sided with Dolph Ziggler, she tried to assist Rusev at last night’s WWE live event in New Hampshire. During Rusev’s steel cage match with John Cena, which Rusev lost, Lana walked out and Rusev started yelling at her. This led to Cena coming close to escaping the cage but Rusev stopped him. Lana watched the match and later slammed the cage door in Cena’s face as he tried to leave. She then walked straight to the back while they finished the match.

Lana and Ziggler were not together at last night’s live event as Ziggler is working another tour this weekend. However, WWE is teasing that we will see what’s next between the two on Monday’s RAW with Rusev taking out his anger on Ziggler at Elimination Chamber in the Chamber match for the vacant Intercontinental Title.