WWE Releases Three More NXT Wrestlers

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Earlier today, NXT performers Brian Reid (a/k/a Tony Briggs) and C Denzel Freeman announced on Twitter that they had parted ways with WWE. According to PWInsider.com, WWE has released three additional developmental talents from their respective contracts: Dustin Mueller, Laszlo Vandracsek and Leyvonna Zakari. All three never wrestled before a live crowd.

Mueller is a bodybuilder from Chicago, Illinois who WWE signed last year. He had no wrestling experience prior to joining WWE. He made a few live event appearances as a security guard.

Zakari, a model and actress from California, joined WWE last April. Though she never wrestled, she handled ring announcing duties at a few non-televised NXT events.

Hungarian-born Vandracsek was a member of U.S. National Bobsled Team who WWE recruited late last year.