Linda McMahon Launching a New Business?, Update on WWE’s Roman Reigns Special, Tough Enough Videos

Linda McMahon

– Below are WWE Tough Enough audition videos from some of the ladies:

– WWE Network has a 5 minute live post-RAW Fallout scheduled for 11:06pm EST this Monday night. After that, the new “WWE 24” special on Roman Reigns will air from 11:11pm EST until 11:36pm EST. The description reads like this:

“In this edition of WWE 24, we reveal the personal story of this rising star, his family and his memorable experience at Wrestlemania 31.”

– David Collins of reports that he had an interview scheduled with Linda McMahon this week but it was canceled. it appears Linda is gearing up for a new project as the interview was scheduled to take place at the Stamford, CT offices of a new business called McMahon Ventures. Collins was told the offices for this business are in a different building than WWE’s offices. Linda also has a Public Relations staff and one of those workers told Collins the following:

“She [Linda] is working on a project she isn’t quite ready to unveil and feels she would give a ‘meatier’ interview at a later date when she has more she can say.”

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