Impact Slammiversary Results – 7/2/2017

Lashley vs. Alberto El Patrón

Robert Flores and Don West are the announcers for the pre-show. It is GREAT to see Don West.

They kicked off with a video package on Alberto el Patron vs. Bobby Lashley.

Allie & Braxton Sutter & Mahabali Shera vs. Lauren Van Ness & KM & Kongo Kong

Allie and Lauren almost went at it before the bell. Braxton looked strong early before KM. KM worked him over, but Shera tagged in and nailed a slam. Kong tagged himself in and took down Shera with a big headbutt. KM tagged in and hit a splash for a two count on Shera. Kong tagged in and nailed a big clothesline for a two count. Shera dropped down into a jawbreaker to escape Kong.

Allie tagged in and went after Lauren, cleaning house. Allie dropkicked her into the buckles and scored a two count. Allie went for what appeared to be a Codebreaker but was caught and slammed down. KM and Sutter tagged in. Sutter got the better of the exchange early. KM reversed a whip but missed a big splash into the corner. KM drilled Sutter down for a two count. Shera hit the ring, as did Kong. Kong nailed a big splash in the corner but missed another, crashing over the top and landing on his feet.

Van Ness grabbed Allie and went for a backslide but Allie countered it. KM confronted her but Braxton drilled him. Allie nailed the old Spike Dudley bulldog off the ropes, which they called the Allie Drop, on KM and scored the pin.

Your winners, Allie & Braxton Sutter & Mahabali Shera!

All action. Fun opener. Flores and West were fine on commentary.

They aired a video package on Sonjay Dutt vs. Low Ki, followed by a video on Rosemary vs. Sienna. They ran down the rest of the card.


They showed footage of GFW champion Alberto el Patron and Impact champion Bobby Lashley entering the Impact Zone earlier today.

They had a pretty great opening video package showcasing the history of the company and the matches set for tonight’s show.

Dave Penzer introduced the heads of Impact, AAA, Pro Wrestling NOAH and Crash Wrestling, which means Ed Nordholm made his official on camera debut for the company.

Impact Tag Team champions LAX vs. Drago & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. vs. Naomichi Marufuji & Taiji Ishimori.

Santana and Marufuji statted out and they went back and forth with some nice action. Santana shoulderblocked him down. Santana nailed a nice lucha armdrag takedown off the ropes. They faced off and began slapping each other hard. Good stuff early on. Marufuji unloaded with some great kicks. Laredo hit a nice dropkick. Ishimori tagged in and looked good controlling him with some hot offense. I can tell you this – you can feel something fresh in the action already on the show with all these new names.

Ortiz and Ishimori battled, including a nice Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Garza Jr. broke up the pinfall attempt with a kick to the head. He and Ortiz battled, including snapping a nice rana. He used the ropes to moonsault off, sending Ortiz flying with a lucha armdrag. They faced off but Drago and Fantasma attacked them both. Drago sent Laredo Kid to the outside with a rana. He and Fantasma controlled the ring, looking good with knee strikes and lucha takedowns. Fantasma flipped Drago over the top to the floor on their opponents. Fantasma teased a dive but was tripped by LAX.

Santana began working over Fantasma with stiff kicks. LAX worked him over but Drago hit the ring to even the odds. LAX overwhelmed Drago and nailed several combination moves. They did some really awesome spots as everyone got more involved. Ishii and Marufuji wiped out Laredo Kid for a two count. This match is just awesome.

Drago hit a tornado DDT on Ishimori, diving off Fantasma’s body and using it now. Three talents were battling on the top but then stopped and hit three moonsaults in different directions to wipe out competitors in the ring and the floor. Lots of big dives. Fantasma hit a spinning piledriver but Marufuji saved Ishimori. Fantasma sent him to the floor and hit a big suicide dive to the floor. Dinamita got involved as did Homicide. There is way too much going on and all of it is fun and great.

Drago hit a twisting corkscrew plancha to the floor. Santana and Laredo battled back and forth. Kid drilled him on the top and nailed a Spanish Fly for a close two count. The battle continued untl LAX scored the pin on Kid. Holy hell, I am exhausted from watching this!

Your winners and still Tag Team champions LAX!

This was absolutely great, as in one of the best matches in the last few years of the company. Just all out balls to the wall action with all sorts of hot action from talents that were all looking to impress.

Konnan said they have a new member joining and when they do, the takeover is complete.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was all worried when Joseph Park found him and informed him tonight’s match against Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews would be No DQ. Borash freaked out and asked if he was trying to get him killed. Park told him not to be afraid to call on old friends. I am hoping those old friends are not Puppet or the Johnsons.

They aired a video piece on Moose and DeAngelo Williams vs. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake.

Grand champion Moose & NFL star DeAngelo Williams vs. Chris Adonis & Eli Drake.

Moose and Williams were accompanied by NASCAR star Austin Dylan and NFL star Gary Barnidge. They had cheerleaders doing the Moose chant as they danced for the entrance.

Moose and Adonis started with Moose taking him down. Drake tagged in and he and Moose went back and forth. Drake dared Williams to get in the ring and Moose tagged him in. Drake mocked football drills. They locked up and Drake grabbed a side headlock and sent him into the ropes for a shoulder tackle. Williams did a kipup but was kicked in the gut. Williams gained control and nailed several armdrags. He looked very smooth for a guy who had never wrestled before.

Moose tagged in and whipped Drake into the corner. Williams hit a cannonball in the corner. Moose nailed a hesitation dropkick for a two count. Drake nailed a Hot Shot on Moose, leading to Adonis and Drake double-teaming him. Drake went to do a springboard move but slipped and the crowd was all over him despite him doing a good job of recovering it. Moose nailed a jawbreaker to break free but was caught and slammed by Drake. Adonis tagged in and kicked away at Moose, who came back with a big clothesline.

Williams tagged in and cleaned house, scoring a two count with a standing moonsault press. Drake whipped him into the corner but was kicked off during a charge. Moose and Williams hit back senton splashes. Williams jumped on Moose’s back and Moose hit a back senton splash with Williams assisting. That was cool. Williams looks good and is obviously really into this. Drake has made him look like a million bucks.

Williams hit a sliding kick through the ropes to the floor. Moose hit a corkscrew dive. Moose and Williams pulled out a table from under the ring. Drake and Adonis cut them off. Williams was sent into the ring steps outside. Drake nailed an elbow off the ropes as Adonis held him. Drake and Adonis set up the table. They placed Moose on the top of the table. Williams shoved Drake off the top to the floor. Adonis was distracted by this, allowing Moose to knock him down and place him on the table.

Williams ascended to the top, which got a big reaction, and hit a great looking frog splash but it didn’t break the table. He still covered Adonis and scored the pin.

Your winners, Moose and DeAngelo Williams!

Entertaining match that was laid out exactly as it should have been. Williams l ooked really awesome in the ring. With the exception of the table not breaking and one slip on the ropes, it was as good as it could have been as a spectacle.

After the match, someone called an audible and Moose attacked Adonis and Drake. They pulled Drake back into the ring and Moose powerbombed him through the table. If at first you don’t succeed….

McKenszie interviewed EC3. He said James Storm was a legend here. He said that he was a foundation of the company, so he’s going to rip apart brick by brick, piece by piece. He said James is a man but he’s going to be emasculated and mutilated. He said he was the top of the card and “this company needs me.” Good promo.

Strap Match: EC3 vs. James Storm

They are attached by the wrist with a long leather strap. Storm goes nuts on offense, beating EC3 in the corner and lashing him with the strap. He pulled a retreating EC3 back into the ring and lashed him across the back. They went to the floor where Storm pulled EC3 into him and elevated and slammed him down on the corner of the apron outside.

EC3 gained control and began choking Storm with the strap. He slammed Storm’s head into the apron. EC3 brought him back into the ring and cinched in a cravate, but had the strap wrapped around Storm’s neck first. He whipped Storm with the strap but that only fired up Storm. Storm was whipped into the ropes and came off with a big forearm. He gained the momentum, nailing an enziguiri on EC3 in the corner. Storm went to the top but was pulled down by EC3.

EC3 went under the ring and brought handcuffs into the ring. He tried to cuff Storm to the steel connecting the buckles to the ringpost but Storm fought back and it was EC3 who ended up cuffed. EC3 spit in his face, so Storm unloaded and whipped him over 30 times. The referee got the key and unlocked EC3, who was crumpled down on his knees in the corner.

EC3 went to attack Storm but was cut off and hit with his own finisher, the One Percenter for a near fall. EC3 unhooked himself and slid to the outside. Storm went to the floor. EC3 grabbed the strap and yanked it, snapped Storm into the ringpost. He hit the One Percenter on Storm and scored a two count. They played it up like it was a big moment where Storm dug down deep. Storm fired up and hit the Last Call superkick on EC3 but collapsed, with the idea being that he was still out of it from the ringpost. The referee told EC3 to pin him and end it.

EC3 hit a double underhook driver instead and scored the pin, with the idea that he could have done the “right thing” for a fellow competitor but instead only cared about making a point and hurting Storm. They rushed EMTs and Bob Ryder to the ring with a stretcher. The idea here was to put some heat on EC3 for being a piece of trash. .

Backstage, Karen Jarrett was asking Dutch Mantel where Bruce Prichard is. Mantel said he’s been calling him for the last hour as he was supposed to be here, but he wasn’t there. Karen said they are going to have to talk about this tomorrow. Mantel left Bruce a voicemail. Maybe they should call Conrad Thompson?

No DQ: Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park vs. Scott Steiner & Josh Mathews

During the pre-match video package, they made it pretty clear Abyss would be involved.

James Storm was still sitting on the stairs at ringside being tended to.

They had the Pope join Flores and West on commentary.

It was Joseph Park who came to the ring. Mathews and Park started out. Mathews hit several kicks but couldn’t muster the size or momentum to knock down Park. Borash tagged in but Mathews faked him out and tagged in Steiner. Borash looked like he now had brown trousers and tagged out to Park.

Steiner gained control easily on Park and worked him over with an elbowdrop. Park rolled to the outside. Mathews went to the top and dove on Park and Borash, taking them down. He called Steiner to join him and Steiner grabbed a piece of barricade. They chased Borash and Park to the back…and it turned into a pre-taped segment that was right out ot the Broken Hardys universe or an episode of Scooby Doo. The heels chased our heroes, who tricked them into being shot with a fire extinguisher.

The guy who was attacked by Decay showed up and Steiner and Mathews carjacked him. This was being played entirely for laughs. Steiner chased them in the car. Steiner left the car and went after Park. Borash was chased into a pool by Mathews, who he backdropped into a pool. Borash attacked Mathews with a flip into the pool and they battled underwater, where SHARK BOY arrived to bite Mathews and cheer on Borash.Park sent through a wall and encountered his FATHER JAMES MITCHELL, who handed him the Abyss mask.

We wnet back to live action as Borash returned to ringside with Mathews and Steiner in hot pursuit. Robert Irvine, at ringside, tried to help but was unable to. They worked over Borash in the ring and Steiner had Josh put Borash in the Steiner Recliner. Shark Boy’s music hit and he charged into the ring, attacking Steiner and Mathews. He was caught and suplexed by Steiner.

They locked JB in the Steiner Recliner but out came James Mitchell on the stage. This distracted them enough for Abyss to slide into the ring and attack Steiner and Mathews. Mitchell handed Abyss a bag of tacks. Abyss set him up for a chokeslam into it but Mathews kicked him low. Abyss grabbed him and nailed a Black Hole Slam. Borash came off the top with a splash with his hands landing right on the tacks. OUCH. Abyss made the pin.

Your winners, Jeremy Borash and Abyss!

Well, this was something to be sure. People are either going to be entertained by this or hate it, but I enjoyed it for what it was – the comedy – the build to the return of Abyss – the Broken Universe silliness and the cameos. They packed a lot into this and it was way better than anyone expected it to be.

Borash’s hands were all full of tacks and bloody and he looked to be in a lot of pain after.

GFW champion Alberto el Patron was interviewed and praised that his father Dos Caras was going to be in his partner. He was asked if he was concerned about King Mo. He said that his father was the toughest man he’s ever met, has kicked ass all over the world and Lashley could bring Donald Trump tonight and Patron would still win.

Full Metal Mayhem: Davey Richards and Angelina Love vs. Eddie and Alisha Edwards.

The Edwards family started out strong attacking Richards and Love from behind. Eddie hit a sick dive to the outside. Alisha dove off the top on Mr. and Mrs. Richards on the floor. A ladder was placed in the ring. Angelina shoved Alisa into it. On the outside, Richards suplexed Eddie on the apron. Eddie crashed to the floor. Davey began stomping way at his knee.

Davey and Love brought a table into the ring. Richards tossed a few weapons into the ring. They worked over Eddie and Alisa Edwards. Alisha reversed a suplex and drilled her onto a chair. Davey worked over Eddie in the corner with kicks. Eddie saved himself from being sent into the ladder and suplexed Richards with an overhead throw into the ladder.

The Edwards worked over the Richards with trash can lids. They placed one trash can over the Richards’ heads and hit stereo shots with kendo sticks into the trash can. Eddie powerbombed his wife on Davey and they both pinned Richards for a two count. Eddie went for a piledriver but Love attacked him with a kendo stick. There was a spot where they ended up crashing down into a chair in a scary way. Love grabbed a cup of tacks and poured them into Edwards’ open mouth, then had Davey superkick him in the face.

Alisa hit the ring to make the save, bloodying Love’s nose legitimately and kicking Davey low. Eddie and Alisa set up a table and placed Davey on it. Eddie climbed a ladder, but Love went after him. Alisha went underneath and powerbombed her off through the remnants of a table. Eddie and Richards hit a sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the ladder through the table and scored the pin.

Your winners, Eddie Edwards and Alisa Edwards!

They just beat the hell out of each other with all sorts of brutal spots, hard shots and crazy bumps. Way better than I expected going in. Enjoyable.

This has been a really, really good show thus far.

Best of Three Falls: X-Division champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Low Ki


They started out slow, including a test of strength, which Ki won and turned into a pinfall attempt. Dutt worked over Ki’s arm and controlled him on the mat. He went to the ropes for a move but Ki avoided him as Dutt flipped. Dutt landed on his feet and was dropkicked across the ring. Ki went to the top but cut off Ki on the top and went for a superplex. Dutt went into a sunset flip but Ki rolled through and jumped up with the Warrior’s Way doublestomp for the pin.

Winner of Fall One: Low Ki


Dutt was out and took a long time to get to his feet. Ki went after him but it turned out Dutt was playing dead and sent him to the flooor, then hit a sliding kick to the floor. They battled on the floor, where Ki shoved him backwards into the barricade. Ki smiled, believing he had the match won, and tossed Dutt back into the ring. Ki went for the Ki Krusher on the apron but Dutt escaped and landed on his feet but was shoved hard into the buckles. Dutt went for a sunset flip into the ring but Ki rolled through and went for the Warrior’s Way again but Dutt moved and Ki hurt his ankle. He began limping on it and went down, not able to put weight on the leg.

The referee checked on Ki, who was played opossum and nailed a springboard kick to Dutt’s head for a two count. Dutt was outside on the steps. Ki went for the double stomp but Dutt moved but again, Ki’s ankle was hurt. Dutt drove him into the barricade and tossed Ki back into the ring. Dutt cinched in a single-leg crab. Dutt turned it into a catapult but Ki caught himself on the ropes and nailed another stomp. Dutt was able to reverse a pinfall attempt and scored the three count.

Winner of Fall Two, Sonjay Dutt


Low Ki took off his jacket for the third fall. Dutt and Ki fired back and forth. Ki appeared to hurt his hand. He drilled Dutt in the stomach. Ki let the referee count Dutt down. When Dutt returned to his feet, he had a second wind and unloaded with some big strikes. Ki came back with a leaping kick in the corner for a two count. Low Ki nailed the Ki Krusher for a two count. Ki trapped Dutt in the tree of woe but Dutt fought him off and hit a twisting splash off the top, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Sonjay Dutt.

Good, well worked match.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Rosemary vs. GFW Women’s champion Sienna.

Gail Kim came to ringside as she’s going to award the winner the new GFW championship.

They had a number of women painted up like Rosemary for her entrance.

They went right at it brawling at the bell. KM and Lauren Van Ness came to ringside just a minute into the match. Rosemary nailed a Side Russian legsweep for a two count. Laurel distracted Rosemary, allowing Sienna to get control but Sienna was sent into Laurel when Rosemary reversed a whip as Ness was pulling the ropes down. Sienna demanded KM removed Laurel and he carried her out. As Sienna was distracted, Rosemary dove off the top to the floor.

Back in the ring, Rosemary worked her over but was caught with a back suplex for a two count. Sienna worked her over and smashed her into the buckles, then followed up with a series of kicks. Rosemary was controlled and beaten on the floor. Sienna brought her back into the ring and nailed a big forearm. She missed a charge into the corner and was placed on top. Rosemary appeared to be going for a back superplex but was nailed with a series of elbows and sent down into the tree of woe. She reached up and pulled Sienna down into a superplex of sorts, sending her crashing down into the ring.

Rosemary nailed a nice looking missile dropkick. They started to counter each other’s moves until Rosemary nailed a kick in the corner for a two count. Sienna came back with the Silencer (The Pounce) for a two count. Sienna was shocked that she didn’t score the pinfall.

Rosemary hit the Red Wedding (TKO) but Laurel Van Ness returned to ringside and pulled referee Earl Hebner out of the ring. He threw her out but Allie hit the ringside area with a kendo stick and chased her out. Distracted, Earl missed Sienna nailing Rosemary with a title belt. Rosemary kicked up and went to spew the mist, but Sienna caught it in her hand, which “began burning.” She wiped it in Rosemary’s eyes, blinding her and locked in a submission to score the win.

Your winner and unified Women’s champion, Sienna!

Jeremy Borash, with his hands bandanged up, introduced Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff said that his family was here to tonight. He said his family has been in the wrestling business for 70 years and fans have put groceries on their table for three generations. He said that from the bottom of their heart, he said that anyone who bought a ticket, a PPV, a t-shirt or Tweeted or Re-Tweeted, he means this from the bottom of his heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. He said that Lashley and Alberto have a hell of a night to follow because the people in the house and at home deserve it. He told them bring their A-Game because he’s watching.

Impact Wrestling champion Bobby Lashley vs. GFW champion Alberto el Patron.

Lashley was accompanied by King Mo as well as America’s Top Team’s Jeff Monson, Marcus “Conan” Silveira, Joshua Silveria and Team owner Dan Lambert. Patron was accompanied by Paige (just kidding). No, he was accompanied by Dos Caras and Hijo del Dos Caras.

They go back and forth and face off. Patron caught him with a kick and a back suplex for a two count. Patron hit a pescado over the top but was nailed on the way down. King Mo nailed Patron but Dos Caras confronted him and hit a chop. Lashley worked over Patron on the floor. Lashley nailed a running Powerslam onto the stairs.

Lashley worked him over but missed a charge into the corner and hits his shoulder on the ringpost. Patron nailed a series of clotheslines but was slammed down for a two count. Lashley ripped at Patron’s face on the mat. Lashley went to the top but was cut off by Patron, who swept his legs. Patron set up for a superplex and nailed it.

They continued to battle with Lashley working him over with shoulderblocks in the corner. He charged but was kicked off by Patron. Patron nailed a knee and a series of strikes in the corner. He rained down with punches in the corner. Lashley caught him and nailed a powerbomb out of the corner for a two count. Alberto came back with the hanging armbar over the ropes and a backstabber for a two count. Lashley rolled to the outside. Alberto went for a dive but missed and came down hard. They played up that he missed the mats and hit his head on the concrete.

Lashley brought Patron back into the ring and stomped him. Lashley charged but is drilled. Alberto hit a tornado DDT and locked in the cross armbreaker. Lashley pulled him up and powerbombed him for a two count. They battled to the top, where Lashley nailed a DVDR off the top for a close two count. They battled to the ropes, where Patron nailed a double stomp.

Lashley went to the floor where Mo protected him. Caras and Mo argued. Patron got in Mo’s face. Back in the ring, Lashley locked in the rolling armbreaker. Lashley speared Patron but only got a two count. Lashley was shocked. Lashley went for another spear but ate a dropkick. Patron tackled him and they went through the ropes to the floor.

Mo went to grab Patron but Caras kicked him in the low. Lashley shoved Caras into the barricade. He then shoved him up the ramp. He yelled at Caras from the ring apron, allowing Patron to nailed an enziguiri from behind and a double stomp, scoring the pin.

Your winner and unified champion, Alberto el Patron!

Good match. They told a good story and there was some solid back and forth action here.

A number of officials from all the companies represented as well as the Jarrett family and Scott D’Amore came out on the stage to applaud the win. They came to the ring as Patron celebrated in the ring.

Source: PWInsider

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