WWE RAW Report 11/20

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens with the usual intro package.

– We’re live from the Toyota Center in Houston as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

– We go right to the ring and out comes RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie welcomes us to what is officially the A Show now. She talks about her brother Shane McMahon and says because of last night, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle has no worries as his job is secure. Stephanie now introduces us to the man who led Team RAW, her husband. The music hits and out comes Triple H to a pop.

We see stills from last night’s Survivor Series main event, including the Triple H – Braun Strowman incident. The music hits before Triple H can speak and out comes Angle. Angle gets right in Triple H’s face in the middle of the face. Angle this isn’t Kurt Angle the GM talking, this is the Olympic gold medalist and WWE Hall of Famer talking – if Triple H ever pulls what he did last night, he can take the job and shove it because he’s coming for Angle. A “yes!” chant starts. Stephanie says Kurt is speaking to the COO as the GM. She appreciates the intensity and the fire but she warns him not to jeopardize his career again. The music interrupts and out comes Jason Jordan marching to the ring.

Jordan wants his “dad” to put him in a match with Triple H tonight. Fans want it too. Stephanie warns that Triple H would tear Jordan apart and make a mockery of him. Stephanie says Triple H isn’t afraid of anyone in the locker room. The music hits and out comes Braun Strowman. Braun marches to the ring. Braun stares Triple H down. Triple H backs away a bit as Stephanie leaves the ring. Triple H goes to the apron but is still staring Braun down. Braun marches to the ropes and stares at Triple H, causing him to drop down to the floor. Triple H leaves as the staredown with Braun continues. Stephanie makes Jordan vs. Strowman for tonight. Braun stares Jordan down as Angle gets in between them. Braun’s music hits.

– We see Samoa Joe and Finn Balor backstage walking. We go to commercial.

Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

Back from the break and out first comes Finn Balor. Samoa Joe is out next.

Joe unloads after the bell and beats Balor down in the corner. Balor finally connects with a dropkick but Joe goes right back to work on him. Joe keeps Balor grounded now and beats him around.

Balor ends up knocking Joe off the turnbuckle to the floor outside. Balor runs the ropes and nails a big dive on the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Joe continues to dominate Balor and shut him down when he tries to get going. Joe with a headbutt to the spine. Joe with a running elbow and kick in the corner to drop Balor again. Joe with a 2 count. Balor finally drops Joe with an overhead kick.

Balor makes a comeback now. Balor with a missile dropkick to the head. Joe goes to the floor and Balor dropkicks him through the ropes. Joe catches a kick from the apron and slams Balor onto the apron. Joe runs the ropes and nails a big dive through the ropes, sending Balor back into the barrier. They bring it back into the ring but Joe catches Balor with a STO for a 2 count. Balor blocks the Uranage but Joe chops him. Balor nails a Slingblade. Joe drops Balor and hits the senton for another 2 count.

Joe waits for Balor to get up now. Joe applies the Coquina Clutch and drops back but Balor rolls through and nails a double stomp to the stomach. Balor drops Joe coming out of the corner. Balor goes to the top but Joe crotches him. Joe overpowers Balor and drops him with the Coquina Clutch, tightening the hold in the middle of the ring now. Balor goes out and Joe wins.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– After the match, Joe stands tall as his music hits. The referee checks on Balor.

– Cole shows us highlights from last week’s WrestleMania 34 On-Sale Party in New Orleans.

– Still to come, Roman Reigns will be on MizTV. Also, a look at Brock Lesnar’s Survivor Series win over AJ Styles. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a WWE Shop Christmas segment with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

– Cole leads us to highlights from WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s win over WWE Champion AJ Styles at Survivor Series last night.

– Jason Jordan approaches Kurt Angle backstage and asks if he’s really going to let the match with Strowman go through. Jordan says he’s hurt. Angle says Jordan told him he’s alright and Jordan says he just said that then because Triple H was out. Angle doesn’t agree with canceling the match. Jordan says he’s right, he’s the only one that can beat Braun. Jordan gets hyped up and says Angle’s blood runs through him so he can do this. He’s not afraid of Braun and when he’s done, Braun will be telling horror stories about him. Jordan walks off.

Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

We go to the ring and out comes Asuka to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Asuka waits as Dana Brooke makes her way out. We see footage of Asuka dropping Brooke last week. We also get a sidebar interview of Dana saying she’s been studying the Asuka WWE Network Collection and she has holes in her game. Dana says she will take Asuka’s undefeated streak tonight.

The bell rings and Asuka strikes first. Dana tries to fight but Asuka works her over and takes it to the ropes. Asuka knocks Dana off the apron with a Hip Attack. Asuka poses and mocks Dana now. Dana comes in but Asuka sidesteps and takes her down.

Dana ends up patting Asuka on the head and slapping her. Asuka fires back and unloads, getting the win with a kick.

Winner: Asuka

– After the match, Asuka stands tall as her music hits and we get replays.

– Still to come, Roman Reigns on MizTV. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz are out for another edition of MizTV. Miz tries to introduce his guest Roman Reigns twice but he doesn’t appear. Finally Reigns appears in the crowd with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Shield makes their way to the ring.

The Shield hits the ring and Miz says his guest tonight was Reigns. The Shield brags on their win at Survivor Series last night. Miz mocks them for being back together. This leads to fans chanting “this is awesome” as the two sides have words. Rollins mentions how he and Ambrose will have the RAW Tag Team Titles back soon. Reigns says he can’t be the only one without a title. Rollins points out how Miz has a title. Reigns asks Miz if he’s free tonight and asks Houston if they want to see the match. The segment ends with The Shield destroying Axel and Dallas while Miz looks on from the ramp. Miz has not accepted the challenge.

– We get a look back at tonight’s opening segment. Charly Caruso is backstage with Braun Strowman now. In regards to Jason Jordan not being scared of him, Braun says that makes him unlike everyone else, including Triple H. Braun walks off.

– Still to come, Braun vs. Jordan. Back to commercial.

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus

Back from the break and Reigns vs. Miz is confirmed. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins wait in the ring as RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar are out for singles action.

Sheamus and Ambrose go back & forth to start. Ambrose catches Sheamus off the ropes and takes him down by the arm. Sheamus fights up and out, beating on Ambrose against the ropes. Sheamus ends up keeping control and sending Ambrose to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ambrose looks to make a comeback but Sheamus powerbombs him for a 2 count. Sheamus keeps Ambrose grounded now and focuses on the elbow. Sheamus continues to dominate Ambrose as some fans chant “you look stupid” at him. Sheamus poses and talks some trash. Sheamus grabs Ambrose by his face and goes for a suplex but it’s countered. Ambrose decks Sheamus with an open-hand strike.

Ambrose looks to make a comeback again now. Ambrose decks Sheamus and sends him into the ring post. Cesaro comes over to check on Sheamus. Rollins cheers Ambrose on. Sheamus counters Dirty Deeds but Ambrose unloads with strikes. Ambrose with a knee to the gut and a pair of clotheslines. More back and forth now. Ambrose dodges a Brogue Kick, sending Sheamus to the floor. Ambrose runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive on Sheamus.

Cesaro ends up attacking Rollins from behind, allowing Sheamus to roll up a distracted Ambrose for a 2 count. More back and forth between the two now. Sheamus ends up hitting a super rolling senton for a close 2 count. Cesaro can’t believe it. The finish sees Rollins take down Cesaro on the floor and unload on him. Ambrose takes advantage and hits Dirty Deeds on Sheamus for the pin.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

– After the match, Rollins checks on Ambrose as we go to replays.

– Matt Hardy is backstage when Jason Jordan walks up. Jordan is confident that he can beat Strowman tonight but he asks Matt if he has any advice. Matt talks about how he’s faced all of the big guys in WWE but being in the ring with Braun is a truly humbling experience. Matt has learned a lot of lessons over the years in WWE but the most important of all may be that some nights, it’s just not your night. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss as JoJo does the introduction

Bliss says she’s been reading social media but everyone can keep their pats on the back. She says she only had 5 days to prepare for SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair but she still took her to her limits. She only won because she got lucky. Bliss says she’s still the goddess of WWE and there’s not a woman in WWE who can hold a candle to her.

The music interrupts and out comes Mickie James. Mickie asks who else here is tired of hearing the same old talk from Little Miss Biscuit Butt. They have more words until Bayley comes out. Bayley addresses Bliss and says she’s not the same person that got beat for the title. Bayley means no disrespect to Mickie but she has to jump in line because that title is hers. The music interrupts and out comes Sasha Banks next. Sasha says RAW deserves a Boss, not a little you know what like Bliss. The music interrupts and out comes Alicia Fox next. Fox brags on leading Team RAW and she also wants a title shot. Bliss says looking at them, not one is deserving of a title shot. The music hits and Bliss leaves the ring. Kurt Angle comes out and stops her. Angle says Bliss will get another chance to prove she’s the champion by facing the winner of a Fatal 4 Way that is to begin right now. Angle walks off and we go to commercial.

Fatal 4 Way to Crown a New #1 Contender: Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Back from the break and Bayley ends up in the ring with Sasha. They go at it and trade holds. Bayley drops Sasha for a 2 count as Mickie breaks the pin. Fox comes in next but Banks drops her with a Backstabber, then the Banks Statement. Bayley breaks it up. Sasha sends Bayley out of the ring with a knee to the eye. Mickie with a neckbreaker on Sasha for a 2 count.

The match continues until the music hits and out comes Paige for a big return pop.

Everyone is shocked at Paige. She takes the mic and asks if we missed her. A “yes!” chant starts up. Paige apologizes for interrupting the business in the ring but she just had something to say to them and the fans – I’m back. Paige says she doesn’t think the crowd is loud enough. She gets another pop and a “welcome back” chant. Paige says but she didn’t come back alone. She takes off her jacket and heads down to the ring.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose enter the ring to drop Mickie as Paige looks on from ringside. A chant for WWE NXT starts up next. Sasha goes after Mandy but Deville makes the save. Mandy drops Sasha. Bayley enters the fight but Paige comes from behind and drops her with a kick. Fox watches from ringside and runs away to the back. Mandy drops Mickie and Deville drops Sasha again. Paige goes after Bayley and drops her with the RamPaige in the middle of the ring. Paige poses with Mandy and Sonya as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Paige, Mandy and Sonya are backstage with Renee Young. Bliss quickly interrupts and gives them props, saying Paige doesn’t have to explain herself. She dismisses Renee. Paige introduces Mandy and Sonya to Bliss but they triple team her and beat her down, destroying her in the back. They leave Bliss laying.

Braun Strowman vs. Jason Jordan

We go to the ring and out first is Braun Strowman, followed by Jason Jordan.

Jordan sizes Braun up to start. They meet in the middle of the ring and Jordan decks Braun in the mouth. Braun charges but Jordan retreats to the floor. Braun is furious. Jordan comes back in and moves as Braun charges in the corner and hits hard. Jordan tries to drive Braun in the corner but he can’t get him up. His leg goes out. Braun tosses Jordan and floors him in the corner.

Braun watches as Jordan is on the floor again. Kane enters the ring and takes out Braun from behind. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Braun Strowman

– After the bell, Kane beats Braun around with a steel chair now. They go to the floor and Kane uses the ring steps. Kane drives a chair into Braun’s neck by slamming it into the steps. Braun gasps for air as officials try to help him out. Braun isn’t interested as he slowly makes his way up the ramp. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened to Braun. Cole says Braun is refusing medical attention.

– We go to the ring and out comes WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore with Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak.

Enzo brags on retaining his title over Kalisto at Survivor Series. Enzo says he’s still the face of WWE 205 Live but it wasn’t easy because there was an army of haters. Enzo goes on and talks about how Gulak, Nese, Daivari and Dar have improved since joining The Zo Train. The music interrupts and out comes Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa to the ring.

Enzo says it looks like Kalisto’s luggage didn’t make the flight. He asks if they want to join The Zo Train. Cedric says they’re not here to join The Zo Train, they want a title shot. The difference is that they are willing to earn it, not like Enzo’s gang of suck-ups. Enzo asks if Kalisto has been poisoning their brains. This leads to Swann stepping up to Enzo, calling him nothing but a catchphrase and a t-shirt without his boys. The two sides have words before a big brawl breaks out. Enzo retreats to the floor and watches, smiling. We go to commercial.

Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar

Back from the break and the match is underway as Angle made it official. Gulak and Swann go at it after a pin attempt by Gulak. Swann with a dropkick to Gulak. Enzo pulls Gulak to safety while Swann is going for a move. Swann gets cornered at ringside but his partners come around from behind to help. Enzo runs in the ring for safety. This leads to Swann chasing Enzo, and Gulak dropping Swann with a high knee. Gulak with a 2 count.

Daivari tags in and double teams Swann for another 2 count. Swann fights up and out but Daivari stops him from making a tag. Swann tries again but Daivari floors him with a clothesline. Nese ends up getting involved but Swann drops him on the floor. The match has fallen apart a bit as the referee counts. Enzo goes after Swann again but misses. Swann runs in and finally makes the tag to Cedric. Cedric unloads on Dar and then sends Gulak out as Tozawa assists him. Tozawa runs the ropes and hits a dive on Gulak. Nese drops Cedric into the ropes with an elbow but didn’t see the tag to Ali.

Ali drops Dar and goes to the top. Nese pulls Dar to safety but Cedric stops him with a Lumbar Check. Ali hits the reverse 450 on Dar for the pin.

Winners: Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa

– After the match, the babyfaces celebrate and stand tall.

– We get another look at Kane’s attack on Strowman earlier tonight. Renee is trying to get an update from the trainer’s room when Angle walks up. Angle says Braun refused medical attention and he believes Braun left the arena. Renee asks about repercussions for Kane but Angle says he will address it later, he has to check on Jordan now. Jordan says he feels like he let Angle down tonight but Angle dismisses the idea. Miz walks in and makes a case for Angle to nix tonight’s main event. Angle is worried about Jordan. Miz begs him and says he’s not canceling the match, Miz better get ready to defend. Miz leaves. Angle tells Jordan he did not let him down. Jordan says Matt Hardy was right, Braun is a monster among men.

– Still to come, Reigns vs. Miz with the title on the line. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Elias is in the ring with a spotlight and a guitar.

Elias gets some heat as he starts his performance. He says he’s not worried because he’s in a good mood as RAW did great at Survivor Series last night. Elias starts up his newest song but fans interrupt him with chants and boos. Elias tells them to shut up and starts the song again. He stops again and asks a fan to stop clapping along because it’s throwing him off. Elias sings about beating Matt Hardy last night. The music interrupts and out comes Matt to the ring but he’s not wearing ring gear.

Matt enters the ring and Elias immediately attacks him. Matt fights back and takes Elias down. Fans chant for Matt as the brawl continues. Matt beats Elias down in the corner. Elias blocks a Twist of Fate and retreats as fans boo him. Matt’s music hits as he tells Elias to come back for more. They talk some trash.

– Still to come, Reigns vs. The Miz. Back to commercial.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

Back from the break and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz for tonight’s main event. Roman Reigns is out next. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.

The bell rings and Miz goes right to the floor to stall. Reigns ends up chasing Miz back into the ring and Miz tries for a cheap shot but Reigns floors him with a big right hand. Miz drops Reigns over the top and comes back in but has a Skull Crushing Finale blocked. Reigns with another big block before a sitdown powerbomb. Miz kicks out at 2. Miz rolls back to the floor for a breather as we return to commercial.

Back from the break and both go down after Reigns drops Miz with a suplex. They both get up and Reigns hits clotheslines. Reigns with another big clothesline. Reigns unloads with big shots in the corner as fans count along. Reigns runs the ropes and nails a boot to the face. Reigns readies for a spear but Miz gets up and retreats to the floor.

Miz kicks Reigns on the floor and drops him with a DDT. Miz returns to the ring as the referee counts Reigns out. Reigns makes it back in just in time. Miz drops Reigns for a close 2 count. Miz keeps Reigns grounded with a chinlock now.

Reigns fights up and out of the hold. Miz catches Reigns and hits the backbreaker neckbreaker combo for another close 2 count. Miz argues with the referee. Miz with a running shot against the ropes now. Reigns looks to make a comeback now. Miz moves out of the corner and Reigns misses. Miz with a pair of corner dropkicks now. Miz charges a third time but Reigns lifts him for a Samoan Drop. Miz blocks it and rolls Reigns up for a 2 count. Miz runs into a boot. More back and forth between the two.

Miz charges in the corner but Reigns moves again. Miz ends up on the mat. Reigns regroups a bit. Miz keeps control and drops Reigns with another knee to the gut. Miz with the “yes!” kicks now. Reigns catches a kick and hits a Samoan Drop for a close 2 count. Reigns gets hyped up now as he waits for Miz. Miz blocks a Superman Punch but Reigns blocks the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz drops Reigns again with a knee and covers for a close 2 count. Reigns clutched his knee coming off the move.

Miz stomps on Reigns now. Miz with the boot to the throat as the referee warns him. Miz with a big running clothesline in the corner. Miz goes to the top but Reigns nails a Superman Punch to knock him out of mid-air. Reigns with a close 2 count. Reigns gets hyped up again as he waits for Miz. Sheamus and Cesaro run down but Reigns swings at them, missing on the apron. Miz comes from behind and nails the Skull Crushing Finale but Reigns kicks out right before the 3 count. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose run down now to take out The Bar at ringside.

Miz and Reigns are both slow to get up. Miz turns around to a spear from Reigns. Reigns covers for the pin and the title.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Reigns takes the Intercontinental Title for the first time as Rollins and Ambrose join him to celebrate. We go to replays. We come back to Reigns posing with the title. The Shield stands tall as RAW goes off the air.

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