WWE Smackdown Live Report – 8/30/16

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opens up with a look back at last week’s “Talking Smack” confrontation between SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

– Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon are backstage. He believes Bryan owes The Miz an apology. Shane might agree with what he said but he tells Bryan not to get in the face of talents anymore. Bryan says maybe he won’t be so honest next time. He finds this advice ironic coming from the guy who has beef with Brock Lesnar. We go to the SmackDown opening video.

– We go to the ring and out comes The Miz with Maryse. He’s fired up and calls for the music to be cut. It took 149 days for everyone to take notice. He goes on and talks about bringing prestige back to the title. He says we don’t see what goes on backstage – WWE calls him every time they need someone to do a movie, a TV appearance, an interview or play a chicken. He does it day in and day out, never being injured. Miz goes on and calls the fan cowards. The music interrupts and out comes Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler says Miz is making some points but there’s a reason fans don’t get behind him – they can see through his crap. Ziggler says Miz just wants to be famous and that’s why no one will believe in him. Ziggler goes on and issues a challenge. They get ready to fight but Miz leaves the ring and fans boo. Ziggler takes the mic and says Bryan was right, Miz is a coward. Miz gets upset but Maryse tries to calm him down. Ziggler tries to get him in the ring but he leaves with Maryse. Ziggler’s music hits.

– Still to come, Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler. Also, Bray Wyatt has a sermon for Randy Orton and the SmackDown Tag Team Title tournament continues with The Hype Bros. vs. The Vaudevillains. We go to commercial.

SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament Match: The Hype Bros. vs. The Vaudevillains

Back from the break and we go to the ring with Mauro Ranallo, JBL and David Otunga. Greg Hamilton introduces Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley. Simon Gotch and Aiden English are out next. We get a video from earlier today and see the new SmackDown Tag Team Titles at ringside.

English starts off with Ryder and they go at it. Ryder with a dropkick and some offense in the corner. Gotch pulls English to safety and Ryder goes for a dropkick through the ropes but gets pulled out to the floor, dropped on his neck. English brings it back in and keeps Ryder down. Gotch tags in and they double team Ryder for a 2 count. Gotch with a fireman’s carry slam English tags in and comes off the top but Mojo gets the hot tag and unloads on both. Mojo with big splashes on English. Everyone gets involved until The Hype Bros. clean house and hit the Hype Ryder on English for the win.

Winners: The Hype Bros.

– After the match, Ryder and Mojo celebrate as we go to replays. Charly Caruso interviews them in the ring after and Ryder says their are a lot of good teams but The Hype Train has left the station and it’s not coming back. Mojo says they are here and at Backlash, they’re taking the titles because they don’t get hype, they stay hype.

– AJ Styles is backstage walking, still wearing John Cena’s armband around his head. AJ walks up on Apollo Crews and disses him. Crews introduces himself and AJ tells Crews he’s the face that runs the place, don’t forget it. AJ walks off and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes AJ Styles. Hamilton informs us that AJ now wants to be introduced as the face that runs the place.

Styles talks about how he beat John Cena and will next beat WWE Champion Dean Ambrose at Backlash. AJ is quickly interrupted by the music as Apollo Crews makes his way out to a pop. AJ yells for Crews’ music to be cut. AJ can’t believe this.

Crews went to Daniel Bryan and got permission to challenge Styles to a match and that match begins right now. Crews heads to the ring as AJ gets ready.

AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews

The bell rings and AJ strikes first. AJ takes Crews to the corner and works him over. Crews with a kick as they run the ropes. Crews with a dropkick. Crews pulls AJ to the floor and slams him into the apron. Crews drops him with a right hand and brags to the announcers. Crews brings AJ back into the ring and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re going at it. Crews takes control and hits a bunch of nice moves. Crews ends up hitting a moonsault from the apron. Crews brings it back in and works over AJ in the corner. Crews takes AJ up top but AJ slides out and pulls him down. AJ with a big clothesline in the corner. AJ goes for a crossbody but Crews catches him and slams him for a 2 count.

AJ ends up snapping Crews’ neck over the top rope. AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

– After the match, AJ stands tall as Crews rolls to the apron. We get replays and come back to AJ posing in the corner.

– Still to come, Corbin vs. Ambrose. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and the announcers lead us to Renee Young visiting Heath Slater’s “home” in West Virginia. It’s a trailer and Rhyno is in there. Slater introduces Renee to his wife, who is not his real wife. She removes some fake flowers from the table and brings back some crackers with squeeze cheese. Not much to this segment. Slater says his kids are outside picking up cans and bottles. He’s going to upgrade to a double wide trailer once he and Rhyno win the titles. Rhyno makes some awkward eyes at Renee to end the segment.

– Still to come, Slater and Rhyno vs. The Headbangers. Also, Bray Wyatt’s Sermon for the Serpent. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Bray Wyatt is out. He speaks from the rocking chair in the ring and cuts a promo on Randy Orton, saying he’s damaged from the Brock Lesnar fight. Wyatt says the voices in Orton’s head should be telling him to run, run, run. Orton’s music hits and out he comes to a pop.

Orton says the voices in his head are asking who the hell this guy thinks he is. Orton says he’s been damaged for a long time, it’s part of his charm. Orton says Wyatt has his attention. Wyatt says Orton is no longer the predator in this situation, he’s damaged and weak. Wyatt declares himself the predator now. Fans boo. Wyatt says he’s going to cut the head off the serpent at Backlash and put it on his mantel like the trophy Orton is. Orton says he’s played this game with many people over the years and he’s still standing. Orton accepts the challenge for Backlash. He comments on how he’s not afraid of Wyatt, not afraid of kicking his ass… right now. Orton heads to the ring but the lights go out like usual.

– Still to come, Alexa Bliss and Natalya vs. Naomi and Becky Lynch. We go to commercial.

Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss and Natalya

Back from the break and Nikki Bella is out for commentary. We see Carmella beating her up last week. Natalya is out first for her team followed by Alexa Bliss. Naomi is out next followed by Becky Lynch. Back and forth to start. We go to a commercial with Bliss and Natalya regrouping on the floor.

Back from the break and Natalya is in control of Naomi as fans rally with Becky. Becky tries to get involved but the referee stops her. Bliss comes in for some double teaming as they keep Naomi in their corner. Natalya draws boos as Bliss works Naomi over on the ropes. Naomi finally fights free and decks both opponents. Bliss still stops her from tagging and unloads with rights.

Becky finally gets the hot tag and unloads on Bliss. Becky with the flying firearm in the corner. They trade shots and counters. Becky goes to the top for a missile dropkick but Bliss kicks out at 2 as Natalya breaks it. Naomi takes Natalya to the floor. Carmella attacks Nikki on commentary. Nikki rams her into the apron but Carmella kicks her and sends her into the barrier. Bliss takes advantage of a distracted Becky and rolls her up for the win.

Winners: Natalya and Alexa Bliss

– After the match, Carmella steps on Nikki and stands on top of the barrier to pose. We go to replays and come back to Naomi and Becky checking on Nikki.

– We get a video package on The Headbangers. Still to come, Mosh and Thrasher vs. Slater and Rhyno. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a new vignette for Curt Hawkins, who will be returning to WWE soon.

SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament Match: The Headbangers vs. Rhyno and Heath Slater

Back from the break and out come Mosh and Thrasher, The Headbangers, making their WWE returns. Heath Slater and Rhyno are out next.

Slater and Mosh go at it to start. Mosh with a springboard shot early on. Thrasher comes in and they double team Slater. Slater fights back but gets backdropped. Thrasher keeps control and in comes Mosh again. They double team Slater again as Rhyno tries to rally the crowd. Mosh with a 2 count.

The Headbangers end up hitting a nice double team for a close 2 count on Slater as Rhyno makes the save. Rhyno pulls Slater to their corner and tags himself in. Rhyno nails the Gore on Thrasher for the win. Rhyno and Slater advance in the tournament.

Winners: Rhyno and Heath Slater

– After the match, Rhyno and Slater stand tall as we go to replays. We get a look at the brackets and see the winners looking at the titles on display at ringside.

– Still to come, Ambrose vs. Corbin. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Gary “The Milkman” Millman is in the ring with a mic. No clue who this guy is. He’s been granted a license to wrestle tonight but no one in the back wants to get in the ring. Eric says he’s not leaving the ring until a competitor comes and gets some from him. He takes off his tie and unbuttons his shirt. He takes off everything but his socks and briefs. The pyro goes off and out comes Kane. Kane delivers a chokeslam and makes his exit.

Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose

Baron Corbin’s music hits as Kane is still making his exit. They cross paths and Corbin enters the ring. WWE Champion Dean Ambrose is out next for this non-title match.

They lock up and Ambrose applies a headlock. Corbin drops him with a shoulder and turns it around. Corbin beats Ambrose around and takes his time. Ambrose runs the ropes and takes Corbin down, nailing him with strikes. Ambrose sends Corbin to the floor and clotheslines him from the apron. Ambrose slams Corbin in front of AJ at the announcers table. Ambrose brings it back in the ring but turns his attention to AJ. Corbin comes from behind but Ambrose drops his neck over the rope. Ambrose with a dropkick from the corner. Corbin blocks the bulldog and nails a lariat from behind. Corbin pounds on Ambrose now. Corbin sends Ambrose to the floor and stands tall as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Corbin is still in control after sending Ambrose into the steel steps during the break. Corbin with more offense as the referee has to warn him. Ambrose tries to fight back and eventually catches Corbin in a neckbreaker. More back and forth now. Corbin blocks Dirty Deeds but then runs into the ring post for a 2 count.

Corbin floors Ambrose with a clothesline. They trade shots now. Ambrose with the bounce-back clothesline for a 2 count. Ambrose goes to the top but Corbin cuts him off. The referee warns Corbin again. Corbin climbs up for a superplex but Ambrose fights him. Ambrose sends Corbin to the mat and then pulls down the top rope, sending him to the floor. Ambrose runs the ropes and nails a dive, sending Corbin into the barrier. Ambrose brings it back in the ring but Corbin catches him in the Deep Six for a 2 count. Corbin and AJ end up having words at ringside. They come face to face. Ambrose nails Corbin from behind and brings it back in the ring. Ambrose with the big elbow drop for a 2 count. Styles gets on the apron and dodges a shot from Ambrose. Corbin rolls Ambrose up for 2. Corbin blocks Dirty Deeds and runs Ambrose into AJ on the apron. The referee calls for the bell.

– After the bell, Ambrose leaps off the apron and nails Styles. Styles launches him over the announce table. Ambrose comes right back but Corbin hits him from behind. Corbin brings Ambrose in the ring but eats a Dirty Deeds. AJ goes to springboard in but Ambrose crotches him and leaves him there perched on the top rope. Ambrose shakes the top rope, then shakes AJ’s hand. He is handed the WWE Title as fans cheer and AJ is still left sitting on the top rope crotched. Ambrose leaves with the title as his music hits. SmackDown goes off the air with AJ stuck on the top rope.

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