WWE Smackdown Report 9/6/16

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opens with the usual opening video.

– We’re live from Lincoln, Nebraska with Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga and JBL.

– We go right to the ring and Daniel Bryan waits as fans chant “yes!” and his music plays. The new SmackDown Women’s Title is in the ring on a podium. Bryan talks about the Six-Pack Challenge to crown the new champion at Sunday’s Backlash pay-per-view. He announces there will be a six-women tag match later tonight but first, we’re having a Women’s Championship Forum. He brings out the first guest, Becky Lynch.

Bryan plugs Total Bellas when Nikki Bella is brought up. Becky talks about what it would mean for her to win the Women’s Title but Natalya interrupts her. Natalya calls her boring and says the Draft was the worst day for her career because she got stuck with Lynch. Natalya disses her again but out comes Alexa Bliss, dissing them all and calling Bryan a Bella trophy. Carmella interrupts and Becky watches all three argue. Natalya accuses Becky of trying to turn them against each other. They look to gang up on Becky but Naomi comes to stand beside her. Nikki is out next to even the odds. Nikki gets dropped and Carmella retreats as Becky and Naomi clear the ring of Bliss and Natalya.

– We go backstage to WWE Champion Dean Ambrose approaching a staffer, then pouring a ton of sugar in his coffee. Ambrose walks off.

– Still to come, Ambrose and AJ Styles will face off in the middle of the ring. Back to commercial.

– Daniel Bryan is backstage talking to Shane McMahon when WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz walks in with Maryse. He’s still not happy about facing Dolph Ziggler at Backlash. Bryan says he can hand the title over if he doesn’t like the match.

The Miz vs. Apollo Crews

We go to the ring and out comes The Miz with Maryse for this non-title match. Dolph Ziggler is already on commentary. Apollo Crews is out next.

Back and forth to start. Crews greets fans after hitting a nice moonsault from the apron. We go to commercial with Crews in control.

Back from the break and The Miz regains control. Miz goes on and hits the big clothesline in the corner. Miz goes to the top but Crews catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Crews comes back with clotheslines and a kick. Crews boots Miz in the head and keeps control as fans cheer. Miz counters a move and rolls to the floor for a breather. Miz talks trash to Ziggler and slaps him. Crews slides to the floor but Miz pushes him into Ziggler, sending Ziggler to the floor. Miz sends Crews into the ring post and rolls him back into the ring for a Skull Crushing Finale and the win.

Winner: The Miz

– After the bell, Miz retreats without his title as Ziggler hits the ring. Ziggler raises the title as Miz looks on from ringside with Maryse, motioning for Ziggler to give the title back. Miz whispers something to Maryse and she enters the ring. Ziggler has laid the belt on the mat now. Maryse picks it right up and leaves with it as Ziggler calls Miz a coward. Ziggler says Maryse won’t be able to help Miz on Sunday. Miz’s music hits as he leaves with Maryse.

– We go to Renee Young at the Talking Smack set. She’s with AJ Styles. He talks about Dean Ambrose and ends up berating a production assistant. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a video package for American Alpha. We go backstage to The Usos and Charly Caruso. They cut promos on American Alpha ahead of their tournament match tonight.

– We cut to Bray Wyatt for another cryptic promo on Randy Orton. Wyatt says Orton is no longer the great predator he once was, he is. Wyatt goes on and says the predator becomes prey at Backlash and all that will be left of Orton is chunks of meat stuck to the teeth of the Eater of Worlds. Wyatt tells us to run.

Nikki Bella, Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Natalya

We go to the ring and out comes Nikki Bella. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Becky Lynch is making her way out. Naomi is out next. Natalya is out first for her team. Alexa Bliss is out next followed by Carmella.

Naomi starts off with Bliss. Bliss mushes her and Naomi unloads with kicks. Becky and Carmella go at it some before Nikki comes in and Carmella retreats to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and we get more back and forth. Nikki comes in off a hot tag and unloads on Bliss. She nails a nice kick from the corner for a close 2 count. Bliss counters and nails a jawbreaker as Carmella tags in. She grabs Nikki but gets picked up into a fireman’s carry. Nikki drops Carmella for a close 2 count as Bliss breaks it up. Bliss argues with the referee, allowing Natalya to come in and floor Nikki. Naomi takes out Natalya. Bliss takes out Naomi. Bliss goes to work on Nikki but Becky tackles her to the floor. Carmella applies the Code of Silence on Nikki for the win.

Winners: Carmella, Natalya and Alexa Bliss

– After the match, we get replays and come back to the babyfaces looking defeated in the ring.

– Still to come, AJ and Ambrose face off in the ring. Also, the SmackDown Tag Team Title tournament continues. We see The Usos and American Alpha walking backstage. Back to commercial.

SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-final Match: The Usos vs. American Alpha

Back from the break and out comes Jimmy Uso with Jey Uso. The winners of this match will advance to the finals at Backlash. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are out next.

The bell rings and The Usos attack from behind with a double team. The match quickly ends with American Alpha getting the win and going to the finals.

Winners: American Alpha

– After the match, we go to a replay of the quick win. We come back to Gable and Jordan pointing at the titles on display at ringside. The Usos come in the ring and applaud them. They go to shake hands but The Usos turn on them and beat them both down. They destroy American Alpha and end it by injuring Gable’s leg. Jordan and referees hit the ring to check on Gable as The Usos exit the ring. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and the announcers go over what just happened.

– Charly is backstage with Randy Orton for words on Bray Wyatt and their match at Backlash.

– We go to the ring and Fandango has a mic. Tyler Breeze is unable to be here tonight because he’s in Dubai gathering material for their upcoming fashion line. Fandango brings in a woman to dance with but it doesn’t work out and she leaves the ring. Fandango asks if anyone else can come handle his hips and the pyro goes off. Demon Kane makes his way out to a pop. Fandango wants to feel Kane’s fire and dance. Kane chokeslams him. Kane mocks the Fandango dance before leaving the ring.

– AJ Styles is walking backstage. He shatters the phone of a staffer after accusing them of taking a picture of him. AJ yells about being the face that runs the place before telling them to pick the phone pieces up.

– Still to come, Slater and Rhyno vs. Ryder and Mojo.

– Mauro leads us to a video package for Connor’s Cure and Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

– Back from the break and we get a Curt Hawkins vignette. He returns next week.

SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-final Match: Rhyno and Heath Slater vs. The Hype Bros.

We go to the ring and out comes Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley. Heath Slater is out next with Rhyno as we see Slater’s “family” at ringside watching. Mojo starts off with Slater.

Mojo and Ryder take control early on, leaving Slater and Rhyno laying on the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Mojo has Slater down. Slater avoids an attack and in comes Rhyno. Ryder also tags in and they go at it. Rhyno nails a big spinebuster for a 2 count as Mojo breaks the pin. Slater comes back in and dumps Mojo over the top. Rhyno floors Mojo on the outside. Ryder rolls Slater up for a 2 count. Slater gets dropped into the turnbuckle. Ryder misses the Broski Boot as Rhyno pulls him out of the way. Rhyno tags in and hits a Gore on Ryder for the win.

Winners: Rhyno and Heath Slater

– After the match, Slater and Rhyno celebrate their big win. They check out the titles on display at ringside and Slater greets his family at ringside.

– We go to Renee Young for an update on Chad Gable. Shane McMahon told her that his status is questionable for Backlash but Shane will have another update during Talking Smack. The Usos appear and cut a heel promo, saying they’ve busted ass for years and shown respect but they’re done with that.

– Back from the break and out comes WWE Champion Dean Ambrose to the ring.

AJ Styles comes out before Ambrose speaks. Charly tries to interview them but Ambrose asks her to leave the ring because AJ gets nervous around beautiful women and this could get ugly. Ambrose gives AJ an old bowling participation trophy that he received. Ambrose felt bad for AJ and wanted him to have something. Ambrose says that’s the only trophy AJ will ever get from him. AJ says everything is always a joke to Ambrose. AJ says Ambrose has no idea who he’s dealing with because if he did, he wouldn’t make AJ out to be a joke. Ambrose shows us footage of what happened last week with AJ getting crotched on the top rope.

They have more words and things get heated. AJ kicks Ambrose below the belt with a low blow and he goes down. AJ talks trash and stands over Ambrose while fans boo. SmackDown goes off the air.

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