Spoilers: WWE RAW Tapings – 11/9/15


– Thanks to Stephen Squires, Sam Stride, Jay Miles and Roo Patel for the following WWE RAW spoilers from today’s tapings in Manchester, England. We will still have our live RAW play-by-play tonight at 8pm EST.

* The WWE World Heavyweight Title is in the ring as Triple H makes his way out alone. He talks about Seth Rollins’ injury and announces a new tournament to begin tonight to crown a new champion. A big “thank you Rollins” chant started. Roman Reigns came out and Triple H put the title on him, offering him the chance to be in The Authority. Reigns turns it down and will face Big Show in a tournament match.

* Tournament Match: Roman Reigns defeated Big Show in a very lackluster match, crown wasn’t engaged at all. Reigns advances.

* Tournament Match: WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens defeated Titus O’Neil. Owens cut a good heel promo before the match and won with a pop-up powerbomb. Owens stopped and stared at the title at ringside for a pop. Owens advances.

* Backstage segment with Paige and Renee Young, talking about the WWE Divas Champion Charlotte and Survivor Series. Paige will face Becky Lynch tonight.

* Becky Lynch defeated Paige with a handful of tights. Paige attacked Becky after the match and applied the PTO on the announce table. Charlotte came out, Paige broke the hold and walked away.

* Tournament Match: Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz with a superkick. After the match, Ziggler grabbed the belt and raised it. The crowd popped big for Ziggler with the title. Ziggler advances.

* WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter came out for a promo on MexAmerica. They got a lot of good heat talking about current affairs in the UK and Europe. Del Rio will face Stardust in a tournament match on SmackDown.

* Natalya defeated Naomi. Fans chanted “we want Sasha” all during the match. Sasha Banks attacked after the match but Natalya put her in the Sharpshooter. Tamina Snuka made the save and Sasha put the Banks Statement on Natalya until she tapped.

* Sheamus and King Barrett come out. Barrett gets a big pop while Sheamus is booed. Barrett cut a promo on Wayne Rooney during the commercial, invited him in the ring and then insulted him for failing. Great crowd reaction.

* Tournament Match: Cesaro defeated Sheamus after a distraction. Barrett and Sheamus had been exchanging words with Rooney during the match and Rooney hit Barrett for the distraction.

* Tournament Match: Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze with a small package. This was described as a good debut match for Breeze.

* Fans had been chanting for WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day all night and they came out to a massive pop. The New Day defeated The Usos and Neville when Neville went for Red Arrow and got pushed off the top. Xavier Woods pinned him with his feet on the ropes. New Day got the best reaction of the night. Neville also got a good reaction.

* The main event segment is a tribute for Kane and The Undertaker by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt comes out alone and talks about the spirits of Kane and Taker, the change ahead. Taker’s music hits to a big pop. The Brothers of Destruction come out and the crowd goes mental. The rest of The Wyatt Family runs down but Taker and Kane clear the ring. Braun Strowman fights back but they throw him into the announce table. They hit a double chokeslam on Wyatt and walk out together to end the show.

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