Luke Gallows on What Makes AJ Styles Special, “Old Day” RAW Segment, His WWE Goals, the Locker Room

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and John Cena

Number one contender to the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Luke Gallows sat down with the Daily Mirror to promote WWE’s upcoming tour of the United Kingdom this November. The full interview can be viewed at this link and below are some key highlights:

Some of the skits, such as The New Day meeting The Old Day on Raw on September 5, met with a mixed response from fans. How much input do you have into these segments? Are you able to adapt and improvise on the scripts you are given?

Erm, I try to improvise if I can, I try and do the absolute best with what is given to me. That’s one of those things where sometimes you throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks and that maybe didn’t, not compared to what we had been doing in the weeks preceding it. That’s just how you do it. We’ll go out again the next night, try something different, and hopefully it’s something everyone can enjoy.

In what ways do you think WWE has changed since you left the company in 2010?

WWE was great before, but it’s even greater now. A great locker-room, a great group of like-minded, motivated talents, a bunch of young men and women who are driven and have a real passion for our business and everything we do. It’s been a very pleasant experience. Karl Anderson and I were talking about this – I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now and I haven’t been part of a better locker-room.

What do you think makes Styles so special?

Just watch an AJ Styles match, watch AJ Styles do his thing. There’s something special about him, he has that ‘It factor’ that you hear people talk about. He’s the kind of guy that will get you emotionally invested in the performance, I’ve been in the ring with just about all of them and I can tell you from experience he’s one of the very best. I’ve wrestled the top names in the business and I think that everyone would agree that he’s one of the top guys. He’s a gifted performer and he is someone who certainly deserves that best in the world moniker for sure.

What is your goal in WWE?

Well we’re three-time IWGP Tag Team Champions, but never been champions in the WWE, never at the pinnacle of sports entertainment. So for us, we know that we’re a pretty good tag team, but to actually prove that, we’ve got to go out and put ourselves in the record books by winning the tag team titles here. That’s goal number one right now – at Clash of the Champions we want to deliver a great match, a good performance, and come out as the WWE World Tag Team Champions.

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